Video Review: Anne-Marie "Ciao Adios"

In Marrakesh, Morocco, birds fly over a section of the castle. Sitting on the chair in the foyer, Anne-Marie sings. Four friends stand next to her, their faces stern. A ceramic pond, filled with aqua water and flowers, is a few feet away.

Wearing a red dress with yellow zigzags, she dances in a field.

Two friends talk outside. While inside a home, two people play a game with blocks. Anne-Marie dances with several people in the backyard of the castle.

She drives by the barbershop and waves. Her boyfriend leaves his chair and removes his cape. He says hello to another young woman. An older man reads a newspaper, side-eyeing the noise her boyfriend and his friends are making. Her boyfriend rides in the back of the pick-up, standing beside another woman.

The crowd gathers in the foyer by Anne-Marie. In next shot, it’s back to her and the few friends.

She takes a bicycle ride around with some girlfriends. She smiles as she rides through an open-air hallway.

A young man dances against an aqua blue background. On the rooftop, wearing a white fur, she walks, surveying the neighborhood.

They park the car and play on the sand. A woman bumps her head on the ball. A white pony chews some food on the steps of the castle. She and her friends sit on the their bikes near the steps.

A boxer stands against the aqua blue background, his robe around his shoulders. Another man performs a handstand.

People ride their ATVs in the pine green field. She sits in the passenger side, wearing orange sunglasses and holding onto a ribbon decorated to the ATV. She sits on top of one of the ATVs.

In the foyer, she sits on top of a white horse.

Rating: 4.5/5

Anne-Marie went to vacation to Marrakesh, Morocco and stayed. She was asking directions to Essaouira when her life changed. A young man decided to walk her in the direction. They began to talk on the way there. She said she was from the United Kingdom on a break and hoped Morrocco would help her feel better.

He gave her his personal tour of Essaouira and soon, she moved in with him. After a year or so, she noticed he wasn’t as home as much. She had heard rumors that he was seeing someone else. However, Morocco has become home. She’s familiar with the area and has friends there. She attends each festival with abandon and adopted the customs. Living abroad wasn’t a dream but now it’s her life’s plan. Nonetheless, she doesn’t plan to leave.

Morocco is seen through the eyes of the locals. It avoids the tourist attractions and sticks to the neighborhoods. The castles are part of its beauty but for Anne-Marie its in the local shops and the forest. The pure green of the rolling hills is unlimited.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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