Video Review: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen "Good Time"

Carly Rae Jepsen leans against the hood of her car, tapping her foot on her bumper and looking towards the entrance of the apartment building. She crosses her arms across her chest, and looks around, considering stopping at the coffee shop across the street. Two of her friends exclaim “hello!” and she gives them both hugs.

She grins as she opens her car door and with her friends, she pulls out of the parking spot, checking to make sure she didn’t ding the other car.

Halfway to the camp site, Adam Young and his friends sing along to the mixtape they made for the trip. The young woman sitting next to him, wearing a hat, taps the dashboard while Young does the same on the steering wheel. Jepsen sways her head to the music on the radio. They stop at a red light and Jepsen smiles, happy to be with her friends again. Young and his friends put their arms in the air as they arrive at the campgrounds.

Jepsen, Young and their friends gather by the fishing store. A young woman hugs Young. People chat, catching up. Young and Jepsen sit on the hood of a car. Jepsen makes an orange slushee for herself. However, by the third one, the machine begins to malfunction, spilling liquid onto the ground. She and Young run off.

On the hike, people carry their gear, searching for a place to camp out. Soon, a fire is going and smoke is swelling around the tents. Two young women bring wood. Jepsen hangs out by some bushes, picking some weeds. Young hangs out by the river.

An auburn haired woman carries a wooden umbrella sign as she runs in the forest. Two topless young women hold hands as they step into the river. They put their arms around one another. Several friends make flower braids and put them in their hair. A young woman skinny dips in the river, laughing. Around the bonfire, groups of friends talk. Someone puts on the radio and everyone begins to dance. Some people stop to roast marshmallows. One young woman blows out the flame on her marshmallow. Her male friend next to her laughs. Jepsen pulls Young to her as they sing along to the music. The party continues until early morning.

Rating: 5/5

After several months of planning and figuring out everyone’s schedules, Carly Rae Jepsen and Adam Young began to coordinate caravans to get to the campsite. The annual camping trip, which fell off sometime after high school graduation, finally has restarted.

Jepsen, though, had forgotten how late her friends could be. She thought a steady office job would’ve broken them of the habit. Annoyed, she wonders if she should go inside and ask to help with their stuff, as a way to get them moving. She hears her stomach growling and thinks maybe she should get something to eat. However, they run out to her, and she smiles, delighted to see them again.

On the way there, she and her friends share stories of how they would visit New York during field trips. Young drives with some of his drama friends. They sing along to every song on the radio and remembering their choir days.

The group is welcoming of race and sexual orientation. There was some problems among the group when two of the young women began to date. It lead to some people leaving. However, due to boyfriends or whatever issues that were bothering them, some did return.

They are comfortable with each other. There is an unspoken agreement that if any discriminatory actions happen, they will speak up and protect the person. Nonetheless, if people choose to skinny dip, they can, knowing it won’t end up on social media somewhere. Despite not seeing each other for years, the unbreakable trust still remains.

Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2012

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