Video Review: Girls Aloud "Sound Of The Underground"

In a wire rimmed cage, Girls Aloud stand by their microphones. The guitarist plays in the corner.

Sarah, in a black leather halter dress, sits by a wall, with a single lightbulb hanging over by her. Nadine, her hair in a high ponytail, wears a pink sweatshirt and bends on the ground. Nicola sits on a top of a carton right across from Sarah. Nadine hears a noise and looks above. Cheryl sits in a corner, her hand on her thigh. Kimberely sits, her legs parted, toying with their captor.

The lightbulb drips from the heat. Nadine clings to the bars. Sarah swings her hair as she holds onto the bars. The lightbulb bursts into an electric blue flame. Cheryl puts her black gloved hands on the bars, trying to shake them free. Glass shatters over them. Nicola looks out, wishing she could be with her family.

They finish singing and turn their backs.

Rating: 5/5

Confined in a wire cage, the five women are forced to dress similar (black and pink in different combinations) and sing in order to stay alive. Cheryl has vowed to get them out of there. Every day, she pulls on the bars, hoping to weaken them and get through. She searches for objects dropped on the floor to help. Sarah has become the emotional support, listening to Nicola cry and keeping Kimberely company. Nadine has isolated herself, though, wanting to be alone. It’s Nicola, though, who is about to break.

Girls Aloud can scream but they won’t be heard. The sound-proof walls ensure it. However, Cheryl has devised a plan to let the music break it. For hours, she would practice the pitch with the band while Sarah would watch the glass.

The first phase of their plan works. The glass shatters above. Girls Aloud walk together and finagle the next closest door to get out. They are almost free.

Director: Phil Griffin Year: 2002

Girls Aloud – Sound Of The Underground


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