Video Review: Imagine Dragons "Thunder"

In black-and-white, people walk around Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cars travel down the main roads within the city. Skyscrapers line the area. A couple of friends sit a table, chatting during a break. A Jeep parks and a woman gets out. She shields her eyes. People have stopped what their doing, noticing the sky. Some point, viewing three lasers (peach and two seafoam green) hitting the ground, forming a tower.

Dan stands in the middle of a street. The rest is behind him. Two reptilian creatures stand near him, one is a minion while the other is the ruler. The repitilian princess, with her stringy hair and doe-eyes wonders about the world she was sent to conquer.

The ruler stands by ceramic sheep, grazing on the pavement. The princess clings to the skyscraper, observing the people she sees in the offices. Her tongue slithers out of her mouth. The minion twists his body around a building. The princess dances among a series of blocks. The ruler, the princess  and the minion each dance separately on the skywalk in between one of the buildings.

By a spiky ball sculpture, they let out a call.

As Dan dances, members of the band pop up behind him in multiples.

Ceramic sheep and dogs hover over the reptilian creatures. They dance in a glass shop.

On the expressway, hundreds of the same model car drive. The reptilian creatures gaze out from the window.

The creatures dance in the square as everyone watches. The creatures dance within the office buildings a peach and seafoam green fireworks go off. The ruler twists his arm in the office building.

Rating: 1/5

The foreboding black-and-white sets the tension level high. An ordinary day stops as people see lasers forming in the sky. Reptilian creatures then emerge, climbing the skyscrapers and dancing the square.

In Dubai, they began to change the life itself, causing people to form in multiples and forced conformity. People are stunned, watching as though they are under a spell, and do not move.

As the reptilian creatures dance, the anxiety decreases. It’s as though they landed in Dubai on accident. The princess seems unsure, wanting to explore and perhaps find a mate. The minion does what he’s told and doesn’t pose any real threat. It’s the ruler, though, who seems to be a danger. However, his stretchy dance moves muzzle any fear he could put into people.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2017

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