Video Review: Noah Cyrus "Stay Together"

A car is parked on the track at the high school, the door leaning against the wall. People run off.

In the backseat of the car, Noah Cyrus, sits between two friends. An aerial view shows them driving in the second lane. She rests her head on the young blonde woman’s shoulder. The young man to the left of her has his hand on his face, half asleep. Cyrus then begins to dance to the music. The young man driving the car gives her the finger. A lavender haired young woman laughs at something he said. The young blonde woman rests her head on Cyrus’ shoulder.

Back at the high school, she stands on top of the car, her jacket around her elbows. She sits on the bleachers with her friends.

As the sun sets, a young man runs on the football field. The sprinklers go off and a young woman films it with her cell phone. The young man kisses the blonde woman’s forehead. They dance on the football field together.

At about 10 pm, they drive through the city, passing some street art. They stop by the overpass. The young blonde woman lies on her back, looking at the stars. A guard tells them to get off the premise and they run off.

They stop at a donut shop and get some food. Cyrus lets the young blonde take a bite of her sprinkled, frosted donut. A few friends get some ice cream. After eating, they run back in the car. The young man who was sitting next to her calls out “hey” and then puts his arm around her once they are inside. She films herself on the field.

They turn to the right, passing a gas station, continuing on the main road.

They climb over a fence to the community pool. Cyrus puts on her headphones, listening to music. The young man, who was sitting next to her, cannonballs into the pool and then swims by her, wringing his hair.

They speed down the track until the early morning. In the middle of the football field, she sprays the album’s title in black on an abandoned bathtub.

Rating: 1/5

Noah Cyrus sits in the backseat, with her sort-of boyfriend and her best friend. During the all night car ride, they stare out the window and fall asleep. Cyrus keeps herself awake by dancing to the music. She tells her best friend’s boyfriend to turn the volume on the radio up.

Cyrus stands on top of the car and lies down on the concrete by the community pool, the friends cut out during the activities. The friends, unfortunately, are extras. The best friend and her boyfriend are developed some. He’s tender as he gives her a kiss and they have a romantic dance on the football field. He doesn’t seem to take any of Cyrus’ crap, either as he gives her the finger after one of her jokes. They also don’t seem to cling to each other, either. She sits in the back with Cyrus and another close friend sits up front with him.

It’s her sort-of boyfriend that, seems to be rethinking the relationship, as he stares out the window, bored and distant. While getting something to eat. she hangs out with another friend and he isn’t anyone around. Then, he runs back to the car, shouting at her. At the pool, he becomes passive-aggressive, shaking his wet hair at her while she listens to music. Cyrus continues to look at the sky, as though he wasn’t there.

Director: Christopher Sims Year: 2017

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