Video Review: Bebe Rexha & Lil Wayne "The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)"

Standing by the last step of the apartment building in New York City, Bebe Rexha listens to music on her headphones, wearing a cropped red Vetements jacket, white bodysuit , light blue jeans and red Stuart Weitzman heels. She takes off her headphones and gives them a young man walking by. She stops at a movie theater and performs a routine with several Indian dancers.

In the rough part of town, Lil Wayne raps by his car, which is bouncing up and down from the bass. Smoke fills the air from one of the industrial buildings behind him. Rexha and several of her friends walk down the rain soaked street towards Lil Wayne. Her friends dance while she stands by Lil Wayne.

At night, she smiles as she stands by a pole. In the street, two ballroom dancers perform. Rexha joins in and the young man dips her.

Changing into a black catsuit, Rexha and the dancers continue to perform a routine. The previous dancers also join in the routine.

Rexha and a young man play Just Dance on a video game system, which is attached to the hood of the car. She winks and then turns towards the dancers, still moving her body to the music.

Rating: 3.5/5

As Bebe Rexha travels down a major city somewhere in the United States (likely, New York City), she meets with a male rapper, Indian and African-American street dancers. At night, she watches two Latino ballroom dancers and then plays a video game with a Caucausian man in the middle of the street.

The United States is a diverse nation, whether it wants to admit it or not. Subtly, Rexha makes a political statement by acknowledging the people of different races. Given the current racial violence, the latest which happened in Portland, Oregon, Rexha is speaking up against it in her own way.

Rexha, who is usually fashion forward, takes a casual turn. She sticks to the basics of everyday wear: bodysuit and denim jeans. The red Vetements jacket, feisty and strong-willed, complements the plain bodysuit. The silver cuff bracelets and the Jennifer Fisher golden hoop earrings, though, are eye-catching pieces, adding some laid-black refinement to the outfit. She may be young and have a decent bank account, allowing her to shop at the expensive stores. However, she’s self-aware to know that not everyone can afford it. She chooses to spend her money on a few luxurious pieces at a time.

Director: Director X Year: 2017

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