Video Review: Nicole Scherzinger "Poison"

Nicole Scherzinger stands in a police lineup, wearing a black catsuit, her arms folded across her chest. Two criminals stand next to her in black-and-white striped uniforms, growling, at the witness through the glass. Scherzinger looks at both of them.

In the street, men in black suits walk by. She enters a telephone booth, wearing a trench coat and glasses to disguise herself. The businessmen stop to watch her change. She enters the office building in her black catsuit and knocks out the men from the scent of her moisturizer.

She and one of the criminals fight in the street, wearing a white catsuit with cut-outs. It rotates to her in the black catsuit. The men change from the black outfit to the striped uniform.

She speeds down the street in a vintage car in the white catsuit. She rides a motorcycle down the same street, wearing the black catsuit. It rotates back and forth.

She leaves the phone booth in the white cut-out outfit. She touches her catsuit in the police lineup and then slaps one of the criminals.

At the press conference, reporters take photos of her and she answers their questions.

Back on the street, she and the criminals fight again, with the rotating outfits.

She describes the battle to the reporters, who cheer for her.

In the police lineup, she vaporizes the criminals with her hands and leaves.

Rating: 2/5

Newspapers have been asking in their headlines: who is the mysterious woman catching the criminals? The police are tight-lipped, afraid she won’t help them anymore. However, a company offered a million dollars to the hero who saved their company for destruction.

Scherzinger read it and decided to cash in. With the money, she’ll figure she’ll consult the police, giving them tips. Then, she can spend her days shopping and traveling. She hired a public relations firm to help with the media attention and create a brand. She’ll be the new face of female empowerment.

During her press tour, she explained each takedown of the criminal and had a sit-down interview with a national news magazine. People have been asking her about her martial arts skills and where she trained.  She downplays her superpower and changes the topic to where she finds her outfits when it comes up. The adrenaline rush to beating up criminals gave her a wonderful feeling. However, the national adulation is far stronger.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2010

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