Video Review: Backstreet Boys "As Long As You Love Me"

At a studio, Brian dribbles a basketball. Howie talks on his cell phone as they wait for the wardrobe test to begin. Earlier, they walked in, talking and carrying books to pass the time.

The door opens and about six women executives walk through the door. They turn around. AJ takes off his glasses to get a better look at one of the women.

Jana, the producer, sits behind the table and tells Nick she wants to see him perform. Nick points to his chest and confused, he looks to his friends for reassurance. Brian fixes his jacket while the producer’s assistant hands her the script.

Nick sings at the microphone. The director films the wardrobe test. Two executives go through the headshots. Another woman talks on her phone. Next, Nick wears oversized glasses and a lab coat. Brian dribbles his basketball and then sings at the microphone with Nick. In the background, Howie continues to talk on his cell phone and Kevin leans on the car, providing moral support.

The director taps the remote. Nick and Kevin get up from the chair. Kevin’s face morphs into Howie’s, who winks. The Backstreet Boys spin the chairs around and then sit, performing a routine. One of the executives points to one of the Backstreet Boys.  AJ and then Brian perform individually in the chair.

The director taps the remote and they perform together again. She taps it again and it’s each one individually, beginning with Brian. They finish the chair routine.

Brian performs at the microphone. The executives discuss him during his singing. Then, they all perform together at the microphone. The director taps the remote again. For Brian’s second part of the audition, his hair is spiked and he wears all leather. Then, he rides a skateboard, points his fingers like guns and falls. Howie wears a puffy wig, a jacket over his bare chest and rattles a toy. AJ pretends to drive in the chair. Kevin wears a clear jacket and leans against a surfboard.

The director taps the remote again and the morphing begins again, with Brian. The women talk about them on the monitors. After finishing their audition, AJ walks up to the table, shows the director his headshot and then taps her remote. The women change into casual clothing and the studio becomes a laundromat.

Brian sits at the head of table and starts the wardrobe test. Donna, a blonde, wears scuba gear. An unnamed woman sits on the chair, taking a picture with her camera. Jana, puts her hand over her mouth, as she holds a tennis racket. Brian touches his heart. Brian taps the remote and Fatima sits on her knees, dribbling the basketball. Then, she leans against the car.

Kevin taps the remote and the unnamed woman is now Linda, smiles and takes a picture. Nick taps the remote and Gina poses with a stick. Nick hands it over to Howie and Jana juggles a ball on her tennis racket. She picks the ball up with her racket and AJ judges her. Nina puts a baseball bat around her shoulder. The Backstreet Boys continue to perform.

Nina taps the remote and she changes back into her business suit. The Backstreet Boys perform their chair routine. They finish singing and leave the studio. Nick pumps his arm in the air. The executives leave next, talking. Once they leave, they change into casual clothes and the studio becomes a laundromat.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Backstreet Boys arrive to the wardrobe test early. They talk on their phones and chat with one another. However, once the female executives walk in, they are quiet, intimidated by their presence.

At the wardrobe test, the women are in charge. They study the monitors, checking to see how the light reflects. They discuss the band member’s height and hair color, judging the coordination of it to the outfit they will wear. Each button and pant leg is examined.

Nick, though, is afraid he may do or say something wrong when Nina calls him. He listens and respects her. She’s his boss and he accepts it. AJ, though, gets condescending towards Nina once she’s in everyday clothing. She giggles and he acts as though she’s being inappropriate.

The women leave for a break and Brian decides to take over when they return. He taps the remote and the women are in everyday clothing, neutralized from any negative stereotypes of being a female boss. They are no longer straight-laced, strict and serious. They have interests in photography and sports outside of work. They like wearing bohemian summer dresses and comfy tracksuits. It fleshes out their personalities as creative and competitive. They have succeeded due to theses qualities, not been hindered by them.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1997


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