Video Review: Jennifer Hudson "Remember Me"

Jennifer Hudson walks on the third level of an empty cerulean lit parking structure. She reaches for the ceiling, spotted from the light rain shower.

A young man stands under a window, lit cerulean blue on the floor below.

People’s hands touch the ceiling as they jump to the music in teal lit parking garage. Hudson sits in the backseat of a car, thinking. Her driver waits.

In bed, her ex-boyfriend keeps his eyes closed, avoiding her. He opens his eyes and stares ahead.

A man plays the piano somewhere in the parking structure in the cerulean light. Standing against a film screen, she views her ex-boyfriend’s glances and expressions. From the car, she watches the people dance.

On screen, she sees her ex-boyfriend smiling. She sits back in the seat. Several dancers perform individually on the third level of the parking structure while another person hits a drum.

She gets out of the car and pauses at the passenger door. She takes a deep breath, views his muscled body sitting by the screen and heads towards the group of people dancing. He puts his head down, ashamed. She dances in the center of the group.

Her ex-boyfriend drives around the parking structure, hoping to find her. She walks out of the group, lets her jacket fall to her shoulders, and stops when she sees his car. She calls him out while he sits inside. He steps out of the car and she puts her hands on his chest, asking if he’s okay. She rests her head on his neck.

Rating: 5/5

On a Saturday, Jennifer Hudson drives to the parking structure where she works. Other than a few random cars, she wonders how the people in the other offices are spending their weekends.

Seeing a film screen, she asks her driver to stop and she begins to watch it. It’s her ex-boyfriend, smiling, a side of him she hadn’t seen in a long time. She leans closer, trying to figure out when it was taken and discovers it’s been recent. She believes he’s better off without her.

It was work that had caused the conflict between them.. She had risen to the executive ranks while her boyfriend had tried to make of a go of it as a chef of his own restaurant. Their long hours meant little spent together. As their careers thrived, the relationship became tumultuous. Then, they broke up.

However, he still wants to work it out. He knows how much her works means to her. He had to watch her come home from interviews in tears as her skills were undermined by indirect comments about the color her skin. He had to hear her vent about the men who wanted her to know her place and  continue with clerical work. She helped pay the bills as he remodeled a building he saw in downtown. She taste tested each one of his creations, which sometimes meant eating chicken several nights in a row. He let pride get in the way. He realizes it’s time for him to step up.

Hudson yells at him at first, demanding why he can’t support her. He puts his head down, knowing she’s right. After she gets it all out, he walks out and lets her know it’s all right. They have a future and he isn’t going anywhere.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017

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