Video Review: Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan "There For You"

Troye Sivan looks through his apartment building to the bridge. Martin Garrix and Sivan sit on a bench on the mountain as the sun sets.

In his apartment, he washes his hands in the sink and puts water on his face. He gazes through the window at the city, alive and bustling, thinking. He leans his back against the window, his head down.

Garrix sits on the bench, his arms spread out and Sivan walks towards him. He walks on the mountain and watches the water.

At the venue, Sivan stands in the back, viewing the teal lasers and then he waits on the steps backstage. Fans wave the hands and take pictures with their phones. Outside, he picks at a flower sitting on the windowsill.

A building flashes in neon lights. On stage, an orange background with scrawny lines has a matching cross etched over it. It switches colors and then flames burst out from the end of the stage. Garrix holds his microphone and dances. The background changes from white with a stenciled cross.

Garrix hears his alarm but continues to stay in bed. He touches the pillow on the other side of the bed and puts his hand on his face. On the way to the venue, he says nothing. Like Sivan, he stares at the city in the morning and walks towards the mountain.

Sparks fly around his head as he watches the crew put the stage together. He climbs up the steps, goes to his keyboard and jumps, getting the audience going.

Sivan opens his arms wide as he runs down the street a little after the sun set. Back on stage, small worms seem to be form within the visualization and crawl onto the ground. A visualization of a fireball explodes. Sivan performs on stage with Garrix.

Sivan stands against a royal blue wall. The marquee outside the venue reads the date for the concert. Garrix walks on the bridge. Sivan sings in a cave. In the forest, they step over the high grass and avoid the branches. Sivan walks down the street and then towards the bench, where Garrix is sitting.

Sivan dances against some street art. Sivan and Garrix run on the street again. Sivan throws a rock over the mountain. Garrix and Sivan sit together on the bench. They stand near the cliff of a mountain, watching the ocean.

Rating: 1/5

Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix have become numb to the constant grind of touring. Sivan observes the city but can’t find any peace in it. Garrix prefers to sleep all day if he could, wanting to spend the day exploring instead.

Garrix, though, keeps looking at Sivan every so often, following  and trying to gauge his reaction. Garrix realizes he’s older and he wants to connect with Sivan. However, Sivan doesn’t seem to be interested in bonding with him. He’d rather run in the street by himself.

However, once the concert begins, Garrix pumps his arms and stays behind the keyboard. Sivan, when on stage, stays close to Garrix but venture far, either. Both are detached from the audience who is clamoring for more. Garrix and Sivan both seem to be seeking rest. Garrix needs the mountain and could sit all day, watching the ocean. Sivan, though, half-listens and seems to be wondering when it’s time for sound check.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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