Video Review: Bastille "Glory"

At about 10 pm, a plane flies over a car dealership. Parked the next lot, Dan and his girlfriend sit on the hood of the car, discussing their road trip. He hands over some liquor to her and asks her if she hewhat he did with his phone. She replies that he lost it. However, he actually let it drop as she drive.

They walk into a dive bar somewhere, which she recalls. He played pool and he tells her that she danced on top of the table, wearing a blonde wig. She corrects him and says the wig was pink.

Keys were left the pool table, which she says, he stole. He claims that it was “borrowed.” During the road trip, she puts her head out the window, enjoying the breeze. A red car sits on top of a building.

They drive down the highway and take a break to run in the field. She recalls how they had a running contest by the lake and he jumped in, wearing his clothes. He corrects her, saying it was “someone’s pool.” He beckoned for her to come in but she stood at the top of the house, laughing.

While driving, they see a cowboy on his horse and a man dancing in the street. They hit some light rain storms. She puts her feet up on the dashboard. They pick up two goth hitchhikers and their dog.

They reminisince about the dive bar again. He says there were two bikers who wanted to fight. However, she replies they only wanted to dance. At the couple’s house, with the pool, she says that he “dared her.” She adds that he also had a gun. He exclaims “what?”

A man holds a sign titled “Glory.” They walk around in the rain and peer into the window at Adventure Fitness. She says that he didn’t want to go in at all. But he counters it, saying he could perform every move in the dance class.

The sun sets by the mountain. It was one of the many beautiful thing she missed while she was sleeping, he explains. She pushes her sunglasses to her head, reading a woman’s sign stating “Looking Up To Heaven.”

She tells him he took a junk car. He says “it’s a classic.” She remembers how much she loved the pink sky. He tells he thought it was yellow.  He claims he won the race to the top of the mountain. However, she responds that no, it was her and she had to help him down.

The red car is now on the side of the road, the back end smashed. A young woman dances with her cowboy hat. She takes over driving for a while. Then says he changes details of their trip each time he tells it as they sit on the hood. He says his version is best. The plane flies over them again.

Rating: 5/5

She took the wrong turn and should’ve stopped. The car seemed to come out of nowhere. Her next memory was waking up in the memory, being poked by a nurse. She kept asking about her boyfriend and if she could visit. The nurses told her don’t worry and concentrate on healing.

She was treated for a concussion and had several broken bones. He died from the impact and was pronouced dead at 7 pm. She can’t face his family nor her friends. She was responsible. She’s the reason he’s not here.

Their relationship was built on spontaneous road trips. They even flew to the United States one time and saw at least half of the East Coast. The next plan was to cover the West Coast. They have driven many miles together and somehow, she feels it should’ve been her. He was going to back to school and trying to establish himself. She had her art and could work from anywhere. However, she had an inkling that something was off and that maybe they had been pushing their luck.

He always mixed up the details whenever they went anywhere. But he would tell her to stop blaming herself. The memory plays tricks and it wasn’t her fault. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was nothing she would’ve been able to do to stop it.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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