Video Review: P!nk "Just Like A Pill"

P!nk lies on the asylum floor, her hand on her stomach. She touches her chest and then gets up. The camera zig zags by her face, turns to the right and takes a hard left. There, she sits on top of a young man, touching his hair.

It steers back to her sitting on the asylum floor and zooms in on her scratching her chest. In the commons area, she clenches her fist while people around her make out. She sits back down on the floor, black x’s marked over her nipples.

In the basement, she and her band perform. The camera screeches left to right and back again.

A skeleton man, dressed in a top hat and trench coat, cuts flowers in the middle of the crafts room. She touches her thigh and then rubs her face. An elephant sits behind her, its ears flapping.

The camera flips forward to P!nk lying on the floor, dressed in a tight white outfit, a masquerade mask over her eyes.

The camera zig zags to the crafts room where she stands, holding a gothic wand. She sits in her room, which is full of bunnies and she holds one in her hands.

Back to the crafts room, the skeleton man hovers over her and pounces. In the cafeteria, she bends down to a young man with a mohawk. She touches his bare chest. The camera continues to zig zag as couples have sex.

She runs down a hallway, hitting the hall with her hand.

In the cafeteria, some shirtless men punch one another. She sits in the middle of two fights. She licks the young man’s chest. Two people hang from the chandelier. She hits the young man’s thigh. Someone punches her in the head and she flinches.

Wearing a lace bra, she leans against a discolored wall. She walks up to the steps, walking into the light.

Rating: 2/5

The asylum indulges people in their self-destructive tendencies. For most patients, it’s to treat a sex addiction. P!nk, though, seems to be on her way to recovery. Music is her outlet, which tempers the demons in her mind. Animals provide comfort. Cuddling bunnies helps her relax and stay on an even keel.

The asylum is a fascinating character on its own. However, the frenetic pace of the camera disrupts the world building, adding to the chaos. The skeleton man lingers and likes to garden, apparently. But whether he is death or a demon is unclear. Animals are scattered thoroughout, turning the asylum into a haunted circus. Fights break out at the smallest slight and then they are able to escape, at one point. P!nk is declared sane and able to leave. However, it seems as though her parents, unable to deal with her developing sexuality, put her in treatment, hoping the stay would fix her.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2001


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  1. Can you do a review on Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace? The video is a dream sequence.

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