Video Review: Little Mix & Stormzy "Power"

Written in yellow on the side of a green painted van is the phrase “Girl Power.” Perrie, wearing a crocheted bralette and bay brown high-waisted shorts with multi-colored fringed belt, sits in the trunk. Flowers, bubbled and wide in the 60s motif, decorate the van.

Standing in the street, Leigh-Anne folds her arms across her chest, wearing a shredded denim top, white shorts and magenta boots.

Behind the velvet rope of a gay bar, Jesy hangs out with three drag queens – Courtney Act, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Willam as they wait in line to get inside.

Jesy, leans against a motorcycle, wearing a black leather bodysuit and fishnets and boots. A woman rides by in a motorcycle. Another woman, wearing a black leather bra over a mesh shirt looks on from her apartment building.

Perrie dances by the van as several young women lean against it. Leigh-Anne walks her dog down the sidewalk. Jesy sticks her finger in her mouth and beckons for someone to come over. Jesy winks, her eye sparkling.

Leigh-Anne whips her braids back and forth. Then, she struts down the sidewalk with her friends and bobs her head.

Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Perrie and Jade walk in the center of the street. From each section, the people begin to walk towards the middle. People hold up signs stating love and girl power.

At the teal lit barbershop, Stormzy, a hair stylist shaves the back of his head. One of the stylists writes “Power” in red lipstick on one of the mirrors. Stormzy leans against one of the stations. Another stylist calls someone on the phone.

On the street, the young women of Little Mix walk with their mothers as the crowd continues to march behind them. Then, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade each have another turn, dancing in their own areas.

Rating: 3.5/5

Strong women are usually dismissed as bitches and condescended to by their peers. They get bullied for voicing their opinions and get passed over due to people being intimidated by their intelligence. Little Mix wants to little girls to emulate the strong women. However, not all personas are effective.

It’s Jade who makes the most powerful statement. She is vocal for her support for the LBTQ community and believes that being a drag queen is a form of expression. For her, they are human and are entitled to the same rights she takes for granted. Socially aware and smart, Jade lets her cause speak for her rather than her body.

As a robust biker woman, Jesy is a proven leader who won’t back down for anyone. She can drink and ride as hard as the men. Jesy knows what she wants and goes after it. Due to her taste in leather, she has been called a slut and has been told she was asking for it after she turning sexual advances. She confronts the women judging her, stating that rape is about power and control, not about clothing.

Perrie follows politics and helps coordinate marches in her area. As a hippie, she symbolizes the resistance, which is currently going in the United States. She calls her senators and attends local meetings. She stood outside a townhall meeting with a senator, afraid to show his face, and demanded answers.

Leigh-Anne’s persona, though, is unclear, Perhaps she represents creativity. However, it’s a stretch. Whereas, each young woman has a dominating presence, Leigh-Anne struggles. She could be a fashion designer and CEO of her own company. But she seems to be a stereotype of the young, fashionable woman who lives beyond her means to stay in style.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017


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