Video Review: Three Days Grace "Animal I Have Become"

Underneath a cardinal red banner, Three Days Grace play in a living room filled with oval mirrors.

Adam rocks on the edge of his bed, his hand over his face. A paper cup and a lightbulb is strewn across the floor.

He lies on his bed, arms stretched on both sides. The room shakes and he tries to keep his balance. A demonic version of himself leaps from the ceiling, baring its teeth in his face. He turns his face away, protecting himself.

After the demonic version of himself disappears, he kicks the covers off his bed and walks to the mirror. He pulls at his eye, which stretches.

In the living room, Adam spins underneath a cardinal red chandelier.

He puts on a t-shirt and takes a walk. He passes by a store window and views his image, the eyes hollowed out and flashing. He does a double take and sees his human face. Unnerved, he bumps against several people on the sidewalk.

He enters a funhouse and sees his demonic face in the mirror. He turns his head away. At the bar, he bumps into people while walking to a table, dumping their glasses of wine. He sits next to a woman at a table and sets his head down on his arms, glass of wine beside him. The woman puts her arm around him, offering some comfort. As he looks up, he notices her eyes become hollowed out. He screams, breaking the wine glass and smashing the table. He throws the chair at the window.

Adam wakes up in his room. He sees a hole in the wall and drawers opened, their contents on the floor.

Rating: 4/5

Adam wakes up in the morning, witnessing a version of himself in a nightmare he wish didn’t exist. Aggressive and violent, he pushes past people on the street, indifferent to their presence. All he cares about is needing a drink and finding a way to get away from himself.

He takes a detour through a funhouse and takes a look at himself, discovering he has become a monster. Ashamed, he turns his head away, not wanting to know anymore about the darkness lurking inside him.

At the bar, he thinks he finds someone who understands. However, the young woman is in the same place as him, fighting an addiction she can’t control. Ticked that he can’t switch his addiction off, he begins to trash the bar, resenting it for taking over his life.

In the morning, it scares him to think he is capable of causing damage in his own home. Family and friends aren’t safe around him. He doesn’t want to harm his parents while under the influence or punch his girlfriend. He wonders what the drugs are doing to his brain.

The perceptive video provides help for those who are still addicted, letting them know there is a way out. For Adam, rock bottom was realizing he was someone he didn’t like. It also gets inside the addict’s mind, viewing the demons which continue the need to escape from one’s self.

Thank you to Ayla Brewster for the request.

Director: Dean Karr Year: 2006


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      1. In the beginning of the video when Adam is asleep, was he twitching in his sleep to represent that he’s dreaming

  1. Oops! I forgot to put a question mark at the last sentence. When Adam was asleep in the beginning of the video, was he twitching in his sleep to represent that he’s having a dream?

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