Video Review: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill "Speak to a Girl"

In the barn, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sit next to each other and share a kiss.

By the stables, they each lean against one side of the wall, staring at one another while the sun sets.

On a teal couch, Hill lies on McGraw’s lap as he caresses her face.

Back in the stables, Hill sits on top of McGraw on a chair and gives him a kiss. She lifts his chin towards her.

In the stables, Hill puts her arms around him as they hang out near the wall.

By the chair, she stands behind him and kisses the back of his head.

On the couch, she holds his arm as he gazes at her.

They hold hands by the wall. She rests her head on his shoulder, grinning. She puts his hands on his chest. They criss cross each other.

On the couch, he touches her leg and chest.

By  a door, they stand next to each other, their arms at their  sides. He puts his arm on the small of her back.

At the wall, his lips graze her forehead. On the chair, she places her lips over his ear.

Rating: 4/5

To date, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 21 years. It seems as though they are still twentysomethings have been together for about two years and have recently moved in together. They can’t keep their hands off each other and sneak in kisses whenever they can. They are always around one another and within each other’s space.

McGraw adores her. She’s his entire life. He caresses her while she lies still, touching her each chance he can. Hill, though, between soft gazes between McGraw, lets it be known that she wants to be alone with him for a while and that he’s hers. She’s the one he listens to and determines the next moves in the relationships. If she says no, McGraw tells everyone it’s not going to happen.

While sitting by the door, they act like two teenagers caught making out and keep some distance away from each other. It’s awkward and stifling, considering it seems as though they were told to knock it off and be serious for a moment.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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