Video Review: Avril Lavigne "Sk8ter Boi"

A young man, wearing goggles, drops a bottle of spray paint into a pile and repels down the building. He unhooks himself and runs off. Written on the building is “7th & Spring Noon.”

In the apartment across from the building, a teenage boy logs onto his computer. His email also reads 7th & Spring Noon. He grabs his jacket. A third young man opens his phone which has the same message.

On the buses and nearby buildings, a street team puts up signs. A street team member paints a red star in the middle of the road and then goes underneath the sewer.

Avril Lavigne jumps into a chair, her baseball cap on backwards and rocks it from side to side.

At the coffee shop, a barista serves a cup with the star logo for a customer to promote the concert.

Ten minutes to noon, Lavigne rides her bicycle in the house as her band picks her up. She rides her bicycle down the stairs while her band members use their skateboards. She runs out on the street and into a parking garage.They all pack into a car, with Lavigne in the backseat.

The car stops at the red star drawn in the middle of the road. A crew member tosses a speaker to a person waiting on the street.

Lavigne hops onto the top of the car and begin to sing. A crowd rushes to the car. A young woman watches from her window in an apartment building.

She gives the sign of the horns then jumps up and down on the trunk of the car. A street team member films her on his video camera. She runs to the hood of the car and sings right by him.

A police car, with its sirens going off, parks itself by the crowd. A young woman gets bumped by some people’s hands. Two police officers intervene and start to break up the crowd. A young woman gets arrested. The windshield of the car gets smashed.

After she finishes singing, she swings the microphone around her head as though it were a lasso and then breaks it against the windshield. She smashes a guitar into it also. A helicopter hovers ahead, causing her to stop and then look up at it.

Rating: 5/5

Promotion is 80% of the work. Avril Lavigne, her band and some friends have been working on signs for several months now, developing a logo and building a following. They have been planning a concert in the middle of the road for a while now and reading up on the law, figuring out exactly how much they are able to get away with before getting fined or arrested.

They got the coffee shop, where some of the band members work during the day, to help by putting logos on their cups. Some friends began putting up signs and sending out emails as the date got closer. They kept it vague, wanting to keep some mystery and maintain some secrecy.

They were able to pull it off. Avril Lavigne performed in the middle of the street. Thousands of fans showed up, remembering her from local clubs in the area and cheered for her.

Then, the police were called after people reported the street was being blocked. Some people were arrested for underage drinking. A helicopter hovered over Lavigne, scaring her. She wonders if she will be cited for disturbing the peace and then panics about the future gigs already scheduled, wondering if they will have to be cancelled. Every gig matters.

However, the event was successful. The newspaper covered it and then did a feature piece on her. The police left them off with a warning, instructing them to get a permit next time. Fan sites began sprouting up on the Internet. It was the breakthrough Avril Lavigne needed, launching her onto the national stage.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2002


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