Video Review: Fifth Harmony & Gucci Mane "Down"

Lit in royal blue, Lauren adjusts the mirror in the Dodge Durango. Normani, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke chat and then get out of the truck. Lauren and Dinah Jane walk to the left stairs of the motel while Ally Brooke and Norman take the right. They open the doors in unison as similar shades of neon stream through into the parking lot and then close them.

Lauren, draped in fur, sits on the bed in the motel room, biting her finger as she looks out the window. Lit in hot pink with hints of lavender, the fan runs

Fifth Harmony dances in the parking lot.

Dinah Jane tips her glasses to her nose in her motel room, which is lit in a candy red and rests her elbow on the dining table by the window.

Normani swings her head back on the bed in her marmalade lit room. Her door opens and she crawls on the bed.

In the tuscan sun lit room with some kelly green highlights, Ally Brooke puts her hand on her chin and sits on the bed.

Outside, Gucci Mane sits on the lavender lit metal steps.

Fifth Harmony, lit in a rustic red, stand in the pool and put their fingers to their lips.

Gucci leans against the lavender lit wall with some pink plastic flamingos on the roof.

They put their hands on their hips in the parking lot after they finish their routine.

Rating: 4/5

Fifth Harmony check into a bawdy motel, known for its filthy rooms and food poisoning, after a long drive. Each take a separate room, wired from from the road and stay up the night. After unpacking, they take a midnight dip in the pool and skim the edges of water.

The depraved neon stays away from the overused cornflower blue and hot pink combination. It’s only seen in the opening and in Lauren’s room. However, in Lauren’s room, it’s dimmed with the brightness reflecting through the blinds.

Normani and Ally Brooke have the unique color combinations. The orange in Normani’s room is similar to an early morning sunrise, as though they were near the coast. Ally Brooke has the last of the blinding sunset beaming into her window. The splash of kelly green adds a tropical feel to it. Both offset the cockroach infested conditions.

Dinah Jane’s room, though, is lit in a brash manner, overwhelming her. The flourescent candy red light burns nearly burns through the wall, blending her into it. Her glasses turn transparent. The window offers some relief, breaking the color up through thin lines of the blinds. However, it doesn’t correct the overall problem.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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