Video Review: The Weeknd "Secrets"

In a corporate office of a major, Fortune 500 company, a woman runs out as the camera tilts towards the center.

In the main conference room, she is suspended in air while men from various floors take the elevator to the first floor. From the elevators, they can view her.

The young woman’s image is multiplied by the mirrors to the right and the left of The Weeknd.

A group of men watch as a sheet unfolds on a mahogany red couch. Men walk through the maze-like hallways of the office. She pulls at her strap of her dress. An executive leans in towards her, his arm around her as she lies on the sheet. The Weeknd walks on the mahogany red staircase, leading to the next aisle. The CEO observes from one of the top outer rings.

The Weeknd takes the elevator to the first floor. His face is multiplied by the mirrors. He watches from above. Her dress rises to her thighs. She walks to the Weeknd. However, once she places her arms around him, it’s the executive.

Against the mirrors, the executive rests his head on her shoulder. Content, she closes her eyes. Through the stairs, she searches for The Weeknd. She runs out of the office and glances over to see if The Weeknd is there.

He walks outside, snow falling on the ground.

The Weeknd hugs the young woman, his expression empty.

He stares at a concrete, gray metal cross floating in the air.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman, one of the few in the office, was asked to attend a meeting with some of the executives. In a different workplace, she would be excited, wondering what the good news would be. However, at the Fortune 500 company where she is employed, she suspects it won’t be regarding her performance. She had heard rumors of the executive meetings. It usually resulted in the woman quitting not long afterwards.

During the meeting, she is put on display. The executives remark on her body, calling her beautiful and sexy. She shifts in her seat and responds with “thank you’s.” One executive puts his arms around her, saying he’s been wanting to do it for such a long time. Afterwards, in the break room, he takes her aside and asks her for sex. She turns him down with a plastic smile on her face.

She makes an appointment with human resources, who tell her that he’s an executive and not to worry about it. It’s only a question and it won’t result in her being fired.

In two weeks, her manager begins to get written up for small infractions. She informed human resources, telling them it was retaliation. They told her the manager makes the rules. She wants out. However, several job interviews have led to nothing and she can’t outright quit at the moment.

It was The Weeknd, who was the only male who treated her with respect. She glances to see if he is there or will stand up for her. However, she discovers she’s alone. She leaves for the day, humiliated and wishing she could find another place to work.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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