Video Review: Future "Draco"

At the arcade, a 10-year-old puts coins into the game, Draco. He lifts the toy and begins to shoot. A couple games away, a 10-year-old turns her head away from her ice cream and watches the little boy shoot. A pile of tickets spill from the machine onto the floor.

She walks over to him, licking her ice cream as he enters gangsta mode. A second  10-year-old boy, holding flowers, notices she’s gone and starts to cry. He throws the flower on the ground. The girl admires the boy playing Draco. The girl and the boy playing Draco walk out together. The boy who had the flowers shakes his head.

About ten years later,  the 10-year-old girl, now grown up, tries to get away from a guy who keeps talking to her at the parking meter. He grabs her arm but she tells him to stop. Future leaves his house and the young woman follows him to his car. The guy calls out “what about me?”

Later that night, she pulls on some black leather plants and applies black glittering lipstick on her mouth. She ties the laces on her gladiator heels and caresses her gun.

From his office, which is an abandoned building, he makes a call to her. She, along with two other women also dressed in black, carry duffel bags with them and put them on the floor. Future gets up from his desk and looks out the window. They dump money out of some of the bags onto the pile.

Future makes a call in a phone booth. Meanwhile, the young man from earlier continues to cry. One young woman lights her cigarette while another fires her gun.

In an apartment, one of the women walks in to a man’s bedroom and shows him her butt. She strangles with his tie. Another woman walks up to a hill where a second man is talking on his cell phone and shoots him from behind. A third young woman fires two guns and licks one of them.

Back in his office, Future makes another call. A young woman meets with two men, holding her gun behind her back. She shoots them both. The young woman takes a selfie downstairs in the young man’s home.

One of the young woman pours gasoline in a champagne bottle and then waits out in the street at around midnight. She gives him a kiss and then suffocates him. She lits the rag inside the bottle on fire and puts it on the windshield of the car. It explodes.

Two women put the money into garbage bags and then walk out. Another young woman opens the truck and claps at other two women to move faster.

A young woman shoots. Fries and blood are on the street. A policeman lines the area with yellow tape. The women dump the money in a coffin. Future leaves the phone booth. A police officer walks through the yellow tape.

Rating: 4/5

At 10 years old, the young woman got a thrill as she watched Future shoot at people in a video game. She fell for the power it gave him and wanted it for myself.

As adults, the other boy continues to follow her.  However, he has become aggressive, pulling at her and she pushes him away. She and Future work together now. Future maintains his accounts, seeing who owes him. Usually, he finds it’s the young professional men who think he’s playing a role. He asks them for his money and they make up excuse after excuse. Something has to be done.

After a month of so of not being able to collect, he instructs the young woman and two of her recruits to take care of it. Most of the young women remain detached from their kills, preferring to keep a distance. One young woman seduces her kills. She lets him enjoy her body for a minute and then takes away his breath with great force, wanting him to feel every inch of pain. It’s catharic and for her, a job. With every job, she takes a selfie, wanting to remember the power.

The women lust for the kill. In a society that continues to demean and discriminate against them, it’s a means to survive. They get less pay and passed over. For the three women, it’s the last of their options and a way to empower themselves against misogny. Maybe, they hope, men will actually be able to see them.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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