Video Review: The Bangles "Manic Monday"

On an early Monday morning, the birds fly and the roses bloom over Susanna’s eye, which is in black-and-white.

A trio of clocks glide by with some money blowing beside it. A car drives through an rusty orange lit tunnel. Late Sunday evening, Vicki walks by the lake. A person tears the day off the wall calendar.

In black-and-white, Susanna sings. Back in color, she rolls over in bed, a man kissing her neck. On the front lawn, she and Vicki perform. Debbi looks both ways before crossing the street. Michael drives to work, checking the rearview mirror. Susanna walks through of a crowd of people, rushing to work. Debbie takes a cab.

The clocks spin on the table. A police officer directs traffic. Michael crosses the street. A bus passes by. Debbi walks down the street. In an empty diner, Debbie sips her coffee as people walk to work. Michael panics, as she makes the wrong turn. She parks the car and walks in the lot.

In black-and-white, Debbi sings. At Susanna’s home, Debbi puts on her earrings. Back in color, Debbie watches the buildings as she rides in the cab. Susanna leans against the windowsill of the buses, putting her hand in her hair. She walks past to chain link fence to get to work. Michael walks into an office building. The calendar checks off all the Mondays in the year.

Rating: 1/5

Although the calendar says it’s continuously Monday, Susanna and Vicki seem to be stuck on Sunday. It’s the summer and they have been on vacation from work for the past week. The break of stress has taken away the disappointment of Sunday night, knowing there is a week of deadlines and critiques from the boss ahead.

Susanna walks through the crowd to get to work but decides to call in sick at the last minute, needing one more day. Vicki seems to have forgotten where the office is located and wonders if she missed a memo. Debbie, out of her morning routine and running late, stops at the diner for coffee. None of them seem to care about their jobs, finding reasons to not go into work.

It’s only Michael who is in a rush and frenzied. She gets caught in traffic and construction. At 8:57 a.m., she finds a spot in the last aisle of the lot and likely punches in after 9 a.m. She still needs her paycheck, even though she hates her job. She can’t afford to blow off another day like her bandmates.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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