Video Review: Lifehouse "You And Me"

A cab parks at the entrance of the Los Angeles Union Station. A young woman leaves, carrying a suitcase. Inside, people are sitting in chairs, waiting for their train.

A truck drops off a young woman, who rushes out and thanks his friend for driving him. He walks inside, searching the lobby for the young woman. The young woman stops at the Information desk and gets directions.

In the darkened station, Rick and Bryce sit, half-asleep while Jason plays the guitar.

She sits in a chair, forlorn. The man continues to search, circling around the lobby. He stands behind the chair, unable to see her.

Lifehouse perform on top of the train station underneath a Parisian blue sky.

Upset, he puts his hands behind his back, losing hope. He spots someone with the same hairstyle as her viewing the train schedule and puts her hand on her shoulder. The woman turns around and he nods, walking towards the center again.

On top of the Roosevelt Hotel, Jason plays the guitar.

The woman sits near the band, her hands folded on the across the seat, disappointed. After hearing her train being called, she heads downstairs. The young man, thinking it’s her, runs down the stairs and checks over the railing if she’s anywhere nearby.

He finds her, waiting to board. He touches her shoulder and she turns around, her eyes on the floor. He shows her his ticket and she smiles. As their train rolls by, they kiss again.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman really thought her boyfriend would’ve said yes. She asked if he wanted to come with her to visit her parents in Washington for a two weeks. Her parents keep asking about him. However, he had been non-committal, telling her he wasn’t sure he could get off work for that long.

Let down by his inaction, she takes off for her trip. While waiting, she thinks of the time off she took when he was sick for a week. She managed his house as well as her own. But she believes he doesn’t see her as important his life. She thinks of what she will tell her parents when she arrives alone. She dreads answering their questions.

Her boyfriend realized that responding no to her visiting her parents was a mistake. She has attended countless dinner with his family, putting up with her uncle’s casual racist remarks and playing with his nieces. But he thinks he may be too late. She could be gone, thinking he doesn’t want to be with her.

After he shows her his ticket and says “I love you” to her, he decides he’s going to ask her to marry him once they get back home. He doesn’t want to be the immature boyfriend who puts video games or his friends before her. He wants to step up and be someone her parents could respect.

Director: Bill Yukich Year: 2005


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