Video Review: Christina Milian "AM To PM"

Lit in violet, a clock ticks on a nightstand. In bed, Christina Milian taps her fingers on her pillow and grins. She turns on her lamp and dances in the center of her room, wearing her nightgown.

She sits in a chair by her desk and puts her dress in a bag. She drops the bag out of the second story window and changes into an all-black outfit. She sees her mother, yawning by her parents’ bedroom door and runs.

She hangs from the stairs as her mother passes down the hallway. When she turns the corner, Milian jumps and runs into the dining room. She turns on the lamp and enters the password for the alarm. Her dog barks and she throws him his toy bone, which he carries into the family room. She grabs her bag on the lawn and checks to see if her parents saw her.

She hops into her boyfriend’s car and they drive to the club. On the pager, she shows the pager the password to get inside. In the club, she performs a routine with other dancers. Wearing gladiator heels, denim shorts and a crop top, she walks through the candy store themed lounge of the club. On a couch, a couple talk while the girlfriend holds a lollipop.

She slides on a yellow, fluffy loveseat in a hallway. Her friend follows behind her, dancing in her seat. She heads to a large television screen featuring her dancing. In another room, she wears a silver bra, white jacket and white pants with slits cut through the leg. She meets a male dancer and they perform a routine. In bold, silver letters the word remix is written on top of the screen. She returns to finish the routine with the other dancers in the club.

She runs out of her boyfriend’s car and spots her father, reading the newspaper in the kitchen. Her dog perks up and begins to bark. She puts her finger to her lips, telling ehr dog to be quiet. Her father turns around However, she jumps into bed and puts the covers over her. Her father checks in and smiles. She hears him close the door and grins.

Rating: 2/5

Seven times. It’s the number of times Christina Milian has been able to sneak out of the house on a Saturday night. Her parents are naive, dismissing any noise they hear. It’s the dog she worries who will get her caught. She has stocked up on treats and toys to keep her dog entertained while she’s gone.

Returning back inside, though, is the challenge. Her happy dog wags his tails and perks up whenever he sees someone he knows. She thought her dad was going to spot her. However, she scurried past him and raced upstairs.

However, she may not be getting away with it too much longer. At breakfast, they asked her if she heard anything unusual during the night. “It was a banging,” her father described. She shook her head “no” as she ate her cereal. She explained that it could’ve been the dog, He could’ve bumped into something. Her mother raised her eyebrow. She shrugged and said it was probably nothing, kissed them and went off to school. Despite the questioning, she plans for next weekend with her friends.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2001

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  1. This takes me back to when I was 18/19 it was a good video at the time but it’s not really stood the test of time ! Still a funky song though thanks for the ear-worm

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