Video Review: David Guetta & Justin Bieber "2U (Version 1)"

In black-and-white, Jasmine Tookes, wearing a floral jacket, bra and dress pants stretches her legs on stage. Stella Maxwell plays the strands of her hair. Elsa Hosk sits on a stool. Romee Stirjid waves her finger.

In color, at the photo shoot on top of the rooftop, a model zips up her jeans.

Back in black-and-white, Martha Hunt twirls around. In color, she is photographed lying on a bed with a small dining table. At the clothing racks, Tookes puts a denim jacket over her white mesh bra. Maxwell fixes her long, blonde hair and puts on her floral jacket. Hosk, wearing a red plaid shirt, sits at a vanity and looks in the mirror. Tookes, Maxwell and Hunt run in slow motion on the rooftop.

Hosk watches the footage on the monitor. On stage, Tookes sits on a stool and takes a deep breath, then puts both hands on her knees. Stirjid pouts as she is photographed wearing a pink pushup bra.

In black-and-white, Stirjid dances on stage, wearing pants and a crop top. Color flashes as the models swish their hair and continue to dance. Stirjid removes her jacket.

In color, the models chat during a break on the rooftop. While the photographer shoots against a white screen, Hosk leans against it and talks to Stirjid. Hosk and Stirjid eat lunch on the railing. Hosk leans against Stirjid’s chest as she reads a magazine.

In black-and-white, Hosk rolls her eyes as she sings. Hunt removes the left side of her jacket, showing off her leopard print bra. Tookes puts her hand on her heart.

In color, Hunt looks into the distance, wearing a hat. Stella rolls over on her back, her shoulder peeking out of her jacket.

In black-and-white, Maxwell bites the straps on her jacket. Hosk, with her back to the camera, shakes her butt as she puts her hands against the wall. Color flashes in for a few moments as the models dance. Hosks kicks the air with her foot.

In color, Maxwell “oohs” as she pulls up the lace of her panties. She pushes back her hair. Hosk puts her finger on her cheek. Stirjid, with her jacket down to her shoulders, leans against the wall. Elsa closes her eyes and dances in the studio. Hunt hangs backstage and puts her hands on top of the monitor, smiling.

Rating: 5/5

With the popularity of bralettes rising in the last couple years, the bra has become mainstream wear. Spring and summer clothing caters to the trend. Tank tops are made thin, with long cutouts along the sides to allow the bralette to be seen. A glimpse of sheer pink lace is considered acceptable when wearing an off-the-shoulder top.

The Victoria Secret’s models, wearing their bras out in the open while on the rooftop, seem old-fashioned in comparison. The bras are magenta and olive-green. However, there are no lace or embellishments added. A leopard print bra is the only decorative one.

The Victoria’s Secret models promote the bras as a necessary item like the old, torn sweatshirt laying in the bottom of the drawer. It may not be trendy but it’s a part of everyday wear.

Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tookes and Elsa Hosk wear full outfits over their bras for most of the video. However, almost each model takes on the role of the ordinary woman: Hunt is the frantic, career mom who juggles work and housework, Tookes is the college graduate working her way up at her entry-level job while Hosk  attends dorm parties and study halls in between class.

Stella Maxwell, though, is the aspirational women with the glamorous career and well-connected friends. She gets invited to the major social events of the year and shops from the runway. She is the one friend everyone envies and wants to be. Maxwell seems to be inspired from the 90s, with ambitions to be a supermodel and become an icon of the era, overshadowing Bella and Gigi Hadid, extending her prime into middle age. Cindy Crawford seems to be her goal.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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  1. Okay, I myself come from another corner of music. Normally I’m listening to Harcore Punk, so yes, that’s a difference. The music is awful to me. I don’t really enjoy it. But the lyric and the video had enough power to convince me. Amazing review!

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