Video Review: DJ Khaled, Rihanna & Bryson Tiller "Wild Thoughts"

In Miami, at a dance party, a person waves the Mexican flag. Rihanna and DJ Khaled lean against a car. DJ Khaled, on top of a car, points to the night sky, a palm tree next to him. He holds a baby.

Rihanna and DJ Khaled walk past a restaurant, where inside a tent, a deejay spins the song as people dance, glowing underneath the kelly green and crimson light. Leaving pine green light behind them, women sway the bottom of their primary multi-colored dresses.

In a bedroom, decorated with a spiky vine along the wall, Rihanna leans against a drawer, the fan blowing onto her body. She looks into the mirror, pushing her hair to the side. She puts her hands on the bed

As they continue to walk, people dance while others buy souvenirs from the street vendors.

She lies down in the middle of the bed, closing her eyes and stretching out her arms.

During the festival, fire-breathers perform and a band plays music.  A woman twirls a ring of fire.

Inside the car, Rihanna looks through the mirror.

In a blood-red lit room, Bryson Tiller looks out the window.

Back in the bedroom, Rihanna dances and slides against the wall.

Lit by a metallic blue, highlighted by some forest green, Tiller raps by the car.

At the party, someone holds a bottle of liquor and pours it into another person’s glass.

In the bedroom, Rihanna tosses the chair and dances. She sits on top of the drawer.

On the rooftop, fireworks go off, lighting the sky in violet and azure blue as Tiller, Rihanna and DJ Khaled dance.

Inside the bar, DJ Khaled dances with a woman. By the car, he opens a bottle of champagne and lets it spray across the parking lot.

Rating: 5/5

In Miami, the temperature reached upwards to 105 degrees, drenching the city in humidity. Underneath balmy tropical light, DJ Khaled and Rihanna walk the downtown area, finding people taking refuge in the outdoor patios, embracing the heat and steam.

As they dance within the crowd, their skin sticks to people as bodies drip with perspiration. A fine mist sprays into the area. Rihanna stays cool in an apple red crop top and skirt while DJ Khaled wears a palm tree dress shirt and khakis.

In the southern gothic bedroom, Rihanna wears an off-the-shoulder Tiffany blue dress, dancing as the fan blows air to her sweat soaked body. Meanwhile, Bryson Tiller waits for them above the market, where he lives alone and barely scraping by.

The subdued neon enhances the sweltering atmosphere, pinpointing its hottest spots. The primary colors, worn by Rihanna, add adventure and cachet to the evening, signifying its exclusivity in the sought after area, defining cool.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2017

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