Video Review: Axwell & Ingrosso "More Than You Know"

Video Review: Axwell & Ingrosso "More Than You Know"

A home video recording shows a young woman sitting on a plastic chair watching the sunset over the ocean. Her friend, the cameraman, approaches her and she smiles.

The video rewinds to the beginning of the day.

Her friend films her bathroom, where a black bra lies on the toilet. He opens the shower curtain and she covers her breasts. She puts her hair up in a messy bun and wears a mesh shirt over her black bra. She sits on her bed, listening to music and checking her phone. She climbs on her bed and hugs her Axwell & Ingrosso poster. She gives it a kiss.

He catches her sitting on the windowsill, checking her phone again and she puts her hand in front of the camera. At the concert, she directs him towards the tent as she holds a plastic cup. She sticks out her tongue while they hang out on the lawn.

At the Axwell & Ingrosso concert, she holds up her phone, filming herself. She dances to the music. The lights flash various neon barriers as she raises her arms up in the air. After the concert, she raises her arms in the backseat of her friend’s convertible, the wind blowing her hair in her face. She gives the middle finger to people in the next lane.

They stop at a convenience store. She asks her friend if he wants anything. The clerk has run out of patience and says pointedly, “is that it?”

While at her friend’s apartment, someone hands her a box of pizza and she almost chokes on her beer. Everyone does shots. She gives a doll her drink and they leave.

She gestures her friend to follow them up to the balcony. She and a male friend pretend to be Jack and Rose on the Titanic. Her male friend checks his phone and they take a Lyft. The person refuses the camera and in the backseat, she says “oh, come on.” He takes them and drops them off at a club. They greet friends there.

Down a blood-red hallway, she walks towards the bathroom. There, she pushes two women aside and applies lipstick, using the mirror. She bites her lip as the lights flash. She swings her head back and forth to the music.

Sweaty, she rubs her head down her neck and makes out with a guy in the bathroom. Hanging over the toilet, she holds her plastic cup and laughs. Someone gets thrown into a tub. A guy tries to grab her and she tells him to leave her alone. Her male friend gets involved and it starts a fight.

In the bathroom, she gets up from the toilet and yells “stop!” to the cameraman. She stumbles out of the club.

On the video camera, the low battery signal blinks as she looks at him while sitting by the ocean.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman and her friends had planned the “Axwell & Ingrosso Concert” episode of their Youtube channel. It was to show the young woman, the star of the series, getting ready and then hanging out with her friends. They figured they would get plastered and look cool, having active social lives they partied their way through the festival, concert, party and club.

Halfway through the night, the effects of the alcohol and drugs began to disorient her. She didn’t know where she was or who she was with. She began making out with random guys and had to stop, telling one of them she was going to be sick.

Then, a guy began to putting his hands on her and he wouldn’t let go. She shoved back, shouting at him to leave her alone. It began a fight in the club. She wanted to stay in the bathroom, sit on the toilet seat and be by herself. The cameraman insisted on following her and she yelled at him, saying she didn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning, she sits on a plastic chair, sobered up and watches the waves crash to the ocean. Her friend walks up to her, checking to see if she’s okay. She smiles, having made her decision. In the afternoon, her friends gather to watch the footage from the night before and to edit it. Their jaws drop when they see the young woman get groped and her male friend defend her. They had heard about it but seeing it on camera allowed them to feel her violation. They decide to edit it out, focusing on the concert and what a big fan she is of the Axwell & Ingrosso.

The young woman says she doesn’t want to part of the show anymore. She wants to go off on her own for a while. Maybe, she tells them, she’ll go back to school or volunteer somewhere. Perhaps she’ll start her own show, speaking up about violence women face everyday. She no longer wants to be the party girl who gets a thousand likes on Instagram for being drunk in a dive bar.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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