Video Review: Big Sean "Jump Out The Window"

Big Sean, parked by the curb of his girlfriend’s house, calls her on the phone. He lets her know he’s there. His girlfriend asks him what’s he doing and then the line goes dead. The inside of her house flashes orange.

He gets out of the car and checks around to see if anyone there. He walks inside and sees the broken cell phone on the floor. He looks to the television where the game says press start. On the screen, a man is holding is scared girlfriend up in the air.  He takes the Super Nintendo controller and presses start. It puts him into the television screen.

In the first level, the statues shake. He dances on a broken chess board in the animated violet  sky. Back on the first level, he leaps over the falling statues. The man pulls a lever, causing the floor to collapse. He jumps to another part of the floor and the man puts the statutes in his way. Big Sean leaps over them. He tries to push another statue but doesn’t have the strength.

The man and his girlfriend run into a car and speed off. They land on a racetrack, in human form. Big Sean follows behind. The man drips gasoline onto the track, causing Big Sean to spin out of control and for his car to explode, returning back to being animated.

The man takes his girlfriend to a ferris wheel. Big Sean leaps to one of the carts. His girlfriend falls to save himself. Then, Big Sean and the man follow after her. Big Sean raps on a mountain, the amusement park in the background.

A cerulean covered splat lands Big Sean in an aquarium and in human form. He looks through the glass for his girlfriend. In animated form, he finds them swimming and then breaks through the side.

In animated form, he avoids the dolphins and other sea life. Big Sean entangles the man in some algae. Then, he and his girlfriend climb the ladder. The bang on the door of the aquarium. When they see the man, they let him run, tearing through glass.

Back in human form, he and his girlfriend run back to her house. Big Sean pulls the plug on the television, eliminating the man. His girlfriend hugs him. In animated form, the screen reads The End.

Rating: 4/5

Video games have advanced over the years, becoming mini-movies with complicated storylines and freeform play with 3-D visuals. However, the classics consoles like Super Nintendo have a permanent spot in pop culture history, creating iconic cartoon characters trying to save the Princess.

The video, however, mixes up the consoles and games associated with it. Big Sean is supposed to be Mario. However, he seems to be a character out of Jungle Hunt from Atari. He isn’t officially Mario until he is in on the go-kart in a version of Mario Kart.

During the Mario Kart and driveway sequence, when Big Sean returns back to human form, the game seems to be on pause. The animated points total only bit of animation provided to let the viewer know the game is still going. In human form, the game seems to be over and the animated guy has somehow gotten loose. The constant switching disrupts the flow of the game, creating confusion.

Animation, in cases of recreating games, requires full immersion. KRSZ, an independent rapper, put Mario in his video for “Like The Migos.”  while becoming his own seperate character. KRSZ steps into three generations of games, referencing the Grand Theft Auto series. There’s an appreciation KRSZ has video games that Big Sean lacks.

Director: Lawrence Lamont Year: 2017

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