Video Review: Brandy "Almost Doesn't Count"

Brandy drives her vintage car on the expressway, the sky tinged a sea foam green. She stops on the shoulder and gets out. She begins to walk. After several miles, a pick-up truck drives by. The guy in the back hollers at her to get inside. She climbs inside and leans against the window. The guy gives her his cowboy hat.

She plays with the braids and watches the endless field. They drop her off at a hotel and she thanks them for the ride. She goes to the window and sees the closed sign. She finds the office and pays for a room.

In the hotel room, she puts her duffel bag on the bed and dances in the room. She unpacks and looks through the curtain. She changes her outfit.

In a courtyard, a couple gets married around the pool. Two little girls run back to the gazebo. A band plays as the couple smiles at one another. Family members clap. Brandy joins the band playing and sits next to them, singing.

Rating: 2.5/5

After breaking up with her boyfriend, she decided to take a road trip. She didn’t have a destination in mind. She only wanted to be away from home and the drama for a while. Midway through the drive, her car began to sputter. She stopped on the shoulder and decided to walk.

Several miles later, she was able to hitch a ride on the back of a pick-up truck. The young man gave her his cowboy hat. It was the first act of kindness from a man she had received for a while. They talked for a few hours. She explained her breakup and he told her that she was better off. The conversation broke off and she enjoyed staring at the fields.

She unpacked at the motel and out from her window, she sees a wedding reception going on in the courtyard across the street. Unfortunately, the liberating road trip crashes into the shoulder, totaled.

A setting change occurs across the street. The wedding reception seems to be located in an affluent area while the cheap motel is off the expressway. It’s reserved for family. However, Brandy crashes the celebration, unnoticed and then sings with the band, who are now playing to an empty courtyard. The happy couple and hearing the music gutted her, bringing her pain to the surface. She pleaded for the band to play as she sang with him, letting out some of the hurt.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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