Video Review: Clean Bandit & Zara Larsson "Symphony"

At the concert hall, the orchestra warms up.

In a library, a young man puts his laptop in its case. At the bike rack, he puts on his helmet and jacket then rides home.

Zara Larsson, in a silver dress, prepares to sing. The bicycle lies on the road, a white line attached it while a truck’s lights blink.

At home, the young man’s boyfriend cries underneath the curtains. He puts his hand over his mouth while he sobs.

Larsson begins to sing. In bed, the young man wakes up his boyfriend. His boyfriend puts him an affectionate headlock. The boyfriend teaches him how to conduct music. The boyfriend puts his mouth to the young man’s head, giving him a gentle kiss.

They race in the forest together, using a fallen tree as the finish line. The boyfriend continues to sob, thinking he should’ve let the young man win every once in a while. They would kiss and start to race again.

The boyfriend was preparing dinner and twirling the pan while he waited for the young man. A knock on the door gets his attention. He opens the door and his face falls. A police officer tells him his boyfriend was in an accident and passed away.  He turns his head to the side, shocked.

The boyfriend spray paints the young man’s bicycle white and puts it out by the street lamp, creating a memorial. He sets some flowers next to it. He and his sister stand by the bicycle, in the rain, honoring his memory.

The boyfriend runs alone in the forest, out of breath. He stops by the tree and touches it. About a month ago, they painted their family room. The young woman put some paint on his arm. He noticed it and called out “what are you doing?” He raised his brush in the air. His boyfriend puts his brush next to his boyfriend’s and they both begin to laugh.

As the young man studied in the family room, he would bring him some coffee.

The boyfriend conducts the orchestra, mouthing the lyrics. In the morning, he went over the notes in front of the mirror. He takes a deep breath, believing he will able to make it through the performance.

After painting the family room. they eat some Chinese takeout against the wall.

He starts to cry in the front of the mirror and then curses. He slams his hand across it, breaking it with his baton.

The young man often asked him about conducting an orchestra and wanted to learn. He would teach him and the give him a kiss for being interested in his passion.

He turns around and sees the spirit of the young man crying, the seats around him empty.

Rating: 5/5

The young man was only one semester away from graduation. He had been working on the term paper for about a month. However, he needed one more source and the Internet was limiting him. The young man told his boyfriend was going to the library but he’ll be home in time for dinner.

While the young man studied, he worked around the house. He wrote a note on the refrigerator for the young man, reminding him to pay his credit card bill. It was due in a couple of days and if he didn’t mention it, it would go unpaid.

The knock on the door startled him and when he saw the police officer, he knew. It was what he always feared. He would tell the young man to take the car, it’s safer. The young man said he wanted the exercise and bought the necessary protective gear. He told the young man he knew was being careful, it was the drivers who worried him.

The runs seem longer and pointless. It’s no longer fun. The music is helping him get through it. He wants to play music all day, imagine conducting it in his mind, blocking out his lonely reality.

The young man, appears to him in spirit, sobbing for the future they won’t have: marriage, adopting a child, growing old together. None of it will happen.

 Directors: Grace Chatto & Jack Patterson Year: 2017

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