Video Review: ZZ Top "Legs"

A young woman walks on the pavement, her heels clacking. She steps in front of some bikers and apologizes. They tell it’s okay and she puts her hands between her skirt as it blows up from the wind.

She goes to the restaurant to place a carry out order and two women mock her as she walks to the counter. A young man turns away from his grill to watch what’s going on. They crowd her as she tries to get in line. Two men slap the young man’s plate of food on his chest and laugh. ZZ Top appear, wanting to help. At the counter, the young man tries to talk to her but he gets shoved out of the way by his co-worker. She gets her order and one of the women takes her glasses.

ZZ Top play in the laundromat parking lot.

At the shoe store, where the young woman works, she tells her manager she lost the piece on the way back. She explains people were bumping into her. The manager doesn’t care and tells her to get back to work. Back at the restaurant, the young man grabs the piece of cake from one of the woman and runs to the shoe store.

She gets a box from one of the sales associates. Her manager tells her to move faster. She gets a couple of boxes and her manager purposely bumps into her. The sales associate puts his foot on her hand as she gives him the shoes. He mocks her and flirts with his customer.

The young man gives the manager her piece of cake and goes into the stockroom and hands the young woman his phone number. She puts in his pocket while her manager tells him to leave. The sales associate kicks him out.

A car stops in the lot and three women dance into the stockroom. The young woman sits on the bench, her chin in her hands. They tell her they are here to help. She tells them it’s okay, she’s fine. They walk into the store. A woman in a red dress stomps on the sales associate’s foot. A woman wearing a black top rubs the manager’s glasses in the frosting.

ZZ Top appear and hand her a necklace with their logo on it. She thanks them. ZZ Top dance. The manager slaps the sales associate.

She and the women go the beauty salon. They give her a new outfit. She smiles as she leans over the sink, getting her washed. At the department store, they help her choose a new wardrobe. She returns to her shoe store, where her manager and co-worker fawn over her.

They drive to the restaurant. ZZ Top appear again. The young woman steps out of the car and the men’s jaws drop. She whispers into a man’s ear and he lifts her up the counter. The women protest. The man who took her order earlier tells her to get off. She kicks him with her heel. She reaches for the young man. He says goodbye to his co-workers and walks out with the young woman. ZZ Top gives the thumbs up and then disappear. She hops into the backseat of a car with him and leave. The car fades away and ZZ Top waves.

Rating: 5/5

Every morning, the young woman wishes she could quit the shoe store. She is harassed by her male co-worker, who lords his title over her and takes credit for her work. Her manager expects her to lick her boots and threatens her job at the smallest slight.

The daily lunch trip the restaurant is even worse. Several female regulars tease her and try to prevent her from getting in line. The man who works behind the counter says inappropriate things to her. She nods and gives a tight smile, wanting to get out there as quickly as possible. The cook seems to be the only decent person there but he gets thwarted from talking to her.

She often sits in the stockroom and cries on the bench. She didn’t do anything to them except be kind. She’s afraid to stand up for herself and getting fired. ZZ Top see the people’s treatment of the young woman . Disgusted with their behavior, they summon three confident women to help.

The three women put her co-workers in her place and take her shopping. They explain to her that the people are threatened by her and view her as competition. Her co-workers fear that someone from corporate will show up, notice the her hard work and promote her. They won’t able to coast and cheat. They also remind her that some women resent youth and have become bitter. They see her as a reminder that they are stuck with their debt from their loser ex-boyfriends and envy her likeable personality.

The makeover instills confidence in her. She returns to the shoe store, an elite customer. Her former co-workers work hard for her sale, telling her to be patient as they search for her size and fumble over their words as they try to explain a particular brand of shoe. Losing her sale is equal to two week’s commission. She buys her shoes and walks out without a second glance. She no longer needs them and goes after the young man who always treated her with respect.

Director: Tim Newman Year: 1984


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  1. Brings back memories of my high-school days and watching hours of music videos! Love how you break it on down, play by play.

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