Video Review: French Montana & Swa Lee "Unforgettable"

In Kampala, Uganda, the birds search for food among the dirt and trash strewn on the ground. Smoke hangs in the air.

A citizen proudly waves the Ugandan flag. Swa Lee and French Montana dance by the crowd in the neighborhood.

On a cracked street, two kids dance.

By a market, two people kick their feet towards one another.

In an alley, a kid dances by a building, its gray paint faded in the middle of the building, revealing the washed out red of the bricks.

A male dancer sweeps some sand with his hand. French Montana joins in the routine with the other dancers. French Montana dances with the kid in the alley.

Swa Lee dances by some dilapidated booths. A man sits, hunched over in the corner in the center booth.

French Montana holds a baby boy as the other children in the crowd smile and clap. French Montana and Swa Lee cheer on a man who does the splits.

A little boy dances on a pile of bags. A teenage boy dances underneath the clothesline.

In the middle of the crowd, French Montana dances with a woman. A second little boy watches the other child dance in the alley.

At an open-air bar, Swa Lee and French Montana play pool. French Montana holds a woman’s hand while he waits for his turn. They dance together. He teaches the woman how to play pool.

French Montana dances in the crowd. Elephants look for food in the forest. An orphaned child carries a gun and prepare to fire if necessary. A man points a gun at French Montana. He walks in the forest, a bandana over his eyes as he is being led by his kidnappers. Kids shoot at the Jeep.

About 6 pm, people clean themselves in the muddy water and eat their dinner.

Rating: 5/5

The Ghetto Kids, the dance troupe featured in the video, have pride in their country. Amidst the poverty and destruction, they want to remain positive and give a reason for the people to keep going. They are proof people can survive in their country.

Bleeding a cold, hard reality, the capital city of Kampala lacks public transportation. Cracked paint and abandoned booths fill the neighborhoods. Litter and mud cake the streets. Hungry children and animals search for food.

The woman dancing by French Montana hopes he will take her back home, freeing her from the domestic abuse she deals with at home. A child holds a gun, preparing if his boss’ or anyone else threatens to hit him. A drive into the forest for French Montana leads to a kidnapping. He danced with a woman and the husband is now coming after him, wanting revenge.

It’s harrowing, knowing the Ghetto Kids are the lucky ones who have been given a chance to succeed. In their country, they are in the minority, free of violence and allowed an education. Despite the help, no women are in the group. Progress hasn’t been able to reach them yet, as efforts are focused on them getting out of abusive marriages and access to basic human rights.

Director: Spiff TV & French Montana Year: 2017

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