Video Review: Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

Displayed in a home are two guitars. People sit at card tables, drinking. In the family room, lit in bloodshot red, people dance in the family room.

Lit in bile green, Lenny Kravitz plays guitar and starts to perform. He kicks the air.

A man slithers towards a woman in the corner. A couple makes out on the couch. A second woman, dressed in a bandeau top and matching boy shorts, humps the couch.

In the family room, lit bloodshot red, a pea green lightbulb swings from the ceiling. A shirtless young woman, with her back towards to the camera, hangs onto the wall. Another woman lifts her top over her midriff. A man rubs a woman’s thigh. The woman removes her shirt. The shirtless woman lunges forward, their breasts blurred. A woman slides on a couch, her high crashing.

In the bloodshot red lit  family room, empty liquor bottles litter the floor. Papers from cabinets are tossed on the furniture.

A man sits in the corner, dancing. A woman vomits into a sink. Another woman passes out on the couch. Debris is left on the floor after the party, the guitars stolen.

Rating: 0/5

Lenny Kravitz slums it at a  private party held inside a vacuous mansion. Upon driving to the neighborhood, he remarked to his manager that it didn’t feel right. His manager told him they were paying him over his usual fee and it was only for a few hours.

Once inside, the stench of urine and vomit stung his nose. As he prepared to play, he dry heaved, scratching his voice. He and his band set up, kicking away beer bottles and needles. He kept an eye out for a person to introduce themselves and thank him but no one arrived.

As he played, he saw several people pass out and others stare off, fogged from their high. As he glanced into the family room, he saw men taking advantage of women in their drunken state and averted his eyes.

After the third song, he finishes the set, thanks the rambunctious crowd who boo him, and leaves. He checks on his driver outside, asking him if he was okay. His driver reassured him several times. Kravitz tells him he was worried and apologizes for having him drive him out to the area.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1998


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