Video Review: Paramore "Hard Times"

Against a clear blue sky background, with 3-D leaves attached, Hayley Williams fluffs her hair as she steps out of the car. The car has a blinking neon sign on the windshield, flashing the song’s title. She fixes the sleeves of the jacket and notices the clouds hanging eye-level her, gold lightning inside them.

As Taylor plays the guitar, multi-colored streaks spring from his hands. Hayley stops and sings in the middle, looking around. Smoke billows underneath their feet.

Between two houses, Hayley, in silhouette, has multi-colored lines zig zagging around her body. The houses patterns painted on the houses light up in electric and cerulean, respectively. Animated rainbow strings pop up behind her neck.

Against a black-and-white background, Hayley gazes at a moving cloud with one right above her head. A two-toned streak of yellow and blue snakes around the screen.

Against a hot pink and black background, Hayley emerges from sand bags. Taylor and Zac jump out from the sides.

A tiny airplane flies by Hayley as she wears her sun glasses, filled with swirling white and cerulean paint. She stares up a at cloud, dripping aqua rain as cerulean squares and blue triangles dissolve.

Hayley Williams, under a gray storm cloud, puts her hands up as she stands against a black-and-white checkered background with layered with two asymmetrical triangles (lavender and lapis). A gold streak of lightning hits her, animating her into a skeleton.

She dances around the stage, thin rainbow streaks emitting from her hands, brushing a new background. In the new background of moving pink and yellow lines, she tips her glasses to her nose.

Inside a rose pink frame, Paramore stands underneath a cloud, against a cobalt blue leopard print background. The main background, though, is cerulean and lapis.

Back on stage, Hayley skirts out of the way as leaves fall.

“Hard Times” is written across the screen in cerulean inside a white asymmetrical square.

On stage, Hayley puts her crosses her arms and falls. It’s into a navy blue and hot pink  hole. She moves her hands to stay afloat, Zac and Taylor’s instruments become translucent.

Against a jet black sky, Paramore stand together. Hayley dodges a spaceship flying over her head.

Back on stage, x’s and o’s flash on screen. Two hot pink silhouettes of Hayley dance next to her.

Hayley emerges, smiling, from some clouds to a circle shaped background with pink, black and yellow.

On stage, rainbow streaks crawl over Zac and Hayley turns into a cerulean silhouette.

Against a black background, Hayley puts on her sunglasses and watches the multi-colored Earth turn.

Zac stands against a yellow and black background, hands on his hips.

Rating: 2/5

Trends of the late 80s get hacked into oddly shaped pieces, put in an one-size-fits-all bowl, squirted chocolate syrup over it and added avocado for the color. With some parsley snips for decoration to be considered gourmet.

For the backgrounds, the patterns of Saved By The Bell’s theme were reshaped. The neon, exaggerated and obnoxious, seeps through every crevice of the lines. A glum rain cloud hovers overhead takes away the California sunshine and any semblance of humor.

In the 80s, technology limited the streaks of lights to a single color and bold strokes of the paint to either/or. The multi-colored rainbow streaks are thin or thick, depending on the object and incorporate both trends, if needed. Then, the streaks get put through a filter, which ages them. In the middle of shameless recreation, the streaks are beautiful to watch.

Then, it returns back to the patterns while Persian blue clouds burst far off in the forgotten background of the stalled convertible, causing a vivid thunderstorm which is able to break through the patterns painted on the side of the houses.

Director: Andrew Joffe Year: 2017

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