Video Review: Ellie Goulding "Something In The Way You Move (Version 2)"

In black-and-white, the square lights from the ceiling and center flash and then focus on a single row on the stage.

Ellie Goulding walks towards the stage, wearing Deichmann’s Star Collection lace-up sandals. 

Moisture hits the sand and breaks into particles. Marbles fall onto the floor.

Goulding approaches the microphone and begins the sing, the ceiling still in squares above her. In the far corner, fans blast air as she continues to perform.

Electric sparks fall into the water. A fragrance bottle breaks.

The stage begins to shake and the lights flicker.

Goulding continues to sing, wearing the Chunky Metallic Brogues. She hits the drums.

A rectangle zooms in and then narrows itself. She stands against, singing. She points her finger at the camera.

She walks back, swinging her microphone by her legs.

The hallway of rectangles blinks in a pattern, from bottom to top.

The moisture stretches before breaking apart. They fall into a pool of bubbling water.

Goulding plays the drums, swinging her head back and forth. She plays the guitar next. Confetti falls as she poses with the guitar around her neck. She hits the drum with one hand while the other is pointed in the air. She smashes the glass. She sings at the microphone, her hair blowing from the air provided by the fans.

The squares on the ceiling and center light up in a pattern again.

Rating: 4/5

Deichmann’s was started in 1913 by Heinrich Deichmann in Germany, according to the official website. There, he specialized in shoes. The company survived World War II, becoming global with the help of Heinz-Horst Deichmann. According to the graph on their website, the company is currently in 25 countries (including two locations in North Carolina, under a different name) with 3,857 stores.

The Star Collection lace up sandals pop in the black and white, emphasizing the tassels and the length of the heel. Goulding’s sparkly jacket and black bodysuit add to the unattainable designer illusion.

The Chunky Metallic Brogues, matched with shiny pants, unfortunately, lack the smooth champagne polish of the Michael Kors Fulton Moc. It’s a few dollars more than the heels. However, the extra twenty dollars or so could be spent on an actual pair of designer shoes.

The collection’s strengths are in its heels, sandals and wedges. The monotone trainers and lone mule though, could be found at any local department store across the world. The glittery sneakers should be donated to the Museum of Bad Art. 

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017


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