Video Review: Tinashe "Flame"

In bed, Tinashe looks at her still sleeping boyfriend. She rubs his shoulder and then hits him with a pillow to wake him up. He turns to face her.

She dives into the pool, the lights tinting her hair an atomic blonde.

Seeing his toes underneath the water during a humid afternoon, she pulls herself up to him.

After waking him up, they brush their teeth together in the bathroom. He hits her arm with the toothbrush. They sit in the family room, their dog between them.

Hair straightened, her jacket open with only a black bra underneath, she takes a picture off them wall of them and tosses it.

They cuddle on the couch together.

At about 10 pm, she dances next to a fire pit alongside the rose bushes she helped maintain on the patio.

To her surprise, he made her a birthday breakfast and lit a sparkler and brought it to her in bed.

On the shelf, she takes the liquor bottles and pours the contents on the floor.  She lights a sparkler and drops it on the bed.

With a camera, she takes pictures of them sitting on the couch together. She includes a photo of her with her making a funny face. They pore over the photos she took on his chest, choosing their favorite ones.

She lies on the couch, throwing the photos into the fire. In the kitchen, she turns on the stove and walks through the burning family room. The fire follows her into the backyard, moving onto the bushes.

He arrives back home and puts his hands over the back of his head. Inside, the photos of them crumple and brown, getting consumed by the fire.

Rating: 3/5

She called him to see if he was all right. She forgot to clean up after dinner. It lead into a fight and she stayed at a friend’s house for two days. However, she received a text back from him that he think it was best if they broke up. He said she could get her things while he was out with friends.

She took the dog (a birthday present from him) and brought him to her friend’s house and packed up her things. As she smashed the bottles and lit the sparkler, she didn’t care. The house wasn’t really hers. He bought it before they met and she lived there for a while. His text numbed her once she read it. It was though she was afterthought. She wanted to destroy everything that was important to him like he did to her. In 30 seconds, he humiliated and squashed her dreams.

She knows she will be arrested and charged for arson. However, she believes her future is over now, anyhow. After several stops and starts, he was the one she thought would stay. He gave her hope.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2017

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