Video Review: Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean "Feels (Version 1)"

On a tropical island, Katy Perry stands by the sunflowers, the sky a savage pink and gray.

Pharrell Williams stands on top of his boat on the lake, the water a crisp blue.

In the forest, Big Sean sits on a wooden chair, a parakeet on each side of him.  He takes off his glasses.

Williams stretches his feet on the boat, the water changing to an algae green. He dances on the ivory sand.

Calvin Harris strums his guitar while sitting on a rock a few feet away.

The lake changes from algae green to the crisp blue and finally to a sickly red. A chameleon on the rock, as well as the screen, changes to lavender.

Williams dances on top of his boat. Perry walks in the field, touching the tips of the flowers. A monkey eats a lemon.

Harris plays guitar in a violet field with sunflowers. A red parakeet sits in tree of violet limbs.

Perry lies in dead grass, touching her thigh and hiking up her dress.

Lit in an army green, Williams dances as Harris plays guitar in the background. Harris disappears as Williams’ image blurs. It then changes to a midnight blue with some red highlights. Harris fades in and out of the background.

Williams lounges in his boat, nodding his head, the water brewing into minty smoke.

Perry rubs her thigh again, a ruby red tint added to the field.

Big Sean continues to sit with the two parakeets. The trees change to a Parisian blue to match the red parakeets. He, Perry and Williams are lit with Parisian blue with some red tint. Perry’s image blurs as she breathes on a flower.

The camera pans over to show Big Sean, Williams and Perry dancing on the set, each in their own corner.

Rating: 1/5

Stranded on a watercolor set with plastic palm trees, each person has own their separate corner: Pharrell Williams breathes in the misty, summer air as he stretches out on his boat, Katy Perry finds some peace among the flowers, Calvin Harris broods on the rock and Big Sean sits in a wooden chair in the middle of the forest.

The island though, in its torrid pastel colors and squalid neon, lulls people into thinking they are safe and free. The relaxation seems temporary, though, as a hurricane looms overhead. Laced with some mind-altering drug which filters through the air, Williams, Harris and Perry believe they will be saved. They still look for one another, hoping to pass by on the way to gather some food.

Big Sean, though, is immune to the drug polluting the air, realizes he may die on the island. He knows he can only rely on himself and crowns himself leader. In the distance, he can hear cries and faint sounds of music. He prepares himself. Then everyone dances as the credits roll, as fans hit the button on their televisions, binging on the new 70s b-movie inspired television show available on the Internet.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017


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