Video Review: Craig David "Fill Me In (UK Version)"

In a London flat, a DJ raps over the beginning of a beat. Craig David listens to his friend, admiring his skill.

Outside the building, in black-and-white, a young woman turns on a boombox while two other women warm up.

David fist bumps his friend. His friend hands over the microphone and David begins to friend, another friend mixing the beat on the turntable.

The three women dance outside the building.

In the flat, David’s girlfriend kisses her mom goodbye and tells her parents to have fun at the movies. David answers his phone and it’s her girlfriend, saying her parents are gone and it’s okay for him to come over.

David sits in his girlfriend’s bed as she walks towards him wearing a black tank top and matching shorts. She puts her arms around him and her head near his cheek. He lifts her top up to kiss her. He hears the key in the door. Her father walks back inside to grab his wallet.

In black-and-white, he hangs out on the window ledge.

She wipes her mouth with her hand as her dad walks inside her bedroom. He asks her if everything is okay. She responds with yes. He finds his bedroom window and gets inside.

On the weekend, they drive out to a club. He puts his jacket over her. Her father taps the kitchen table, waiting up for her. They kiss at her door. She opens the door and jumps, seeing her father. David listens at the door as her father questions her. She apologizes for being late and he tells her she is not to see David again. David shrugs at her door, disappointed.

On Tuesday, her parents leave to go out to dinner and she calls him again. They make out in her bed. Her father opens the door and picks up the wine bottle opener. In her bedroom, she gulps her wine from her glass and sets it down. Her father looks around her room, checking for a hat or a belt. She waves goodbye to her dad and he enters through the window again, laughing.

Rating: 4/5

One day, Craig David, believes his girlfriend’s father is going to throw him out the window. Her father forbade her to date anyone, citing 18 years old as too young. In a long lecture, his girlfriend was told that he didn’t want her to get pregnant and ruin her future.  However, David really loves her. He isn’t out to take advantage of her or derail her college plans.

Her mother likes him, inviting him over for dinner after she caught them one afternoon during a half day from school. She pleaded with her mother not to say anything. Her mother promised not to but asked her to be careful. In the meantime, they are forced to sneak around in the meantime while he is considered an automatic enemy for simply being interested in dating his daughter.

She’s daddy’s little girl and he doesn’t want to see her grow up. But her father’s denial and subsquent punishments for defying him isn’t going to stop it. She is the one who initiates the meetings and the sex. She has her own mind and needs, not tied to her father’s timetable.

Director: Max & Dania Year: 2000


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