Video Review: Kelis & Too $hort "Bossy"

Outside a mansion, a teal-colored poodle pants in the sun. A canopy bed with lavender curtains and leopard print bedding are provided for the poodle.

Kelis wakes up in her king-size bed and then sits by the vanity beside it. She cuts her hair. With two friends by her, she sits by the pool. She steps on a shirtless man lying down on the grass. People hold glasses of champagne. Male servers pour glasses of champagne for her guests in unison. A couple makes out on the grass.

She lies on a red and white sequins, rubbing her thighs while wearing a skimpy, red bikini.

At about 9 p.m., she rides a red Ferrari to an exclusive bar.

A woman wears a chain around her neck and a silver grill in her mouth. The woman licks her teeth.

At the club, male servers carry trays of drinks. Kelis pulls up the top of her dress and dances. A woman takes a bite out of a shrimp on the buffet table. The woman spits out some of her drink. In a bathroom, a woman writes “bossy” in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror. An ice sculpture of a unicorn is displayed in the bar.

Kelis runs her hands over an expensive rug. She takes a mussel from the table and gives it to her poodle sitting underneath the table. She rubs whip cream over her body. A man licks a woman’s stomach. She slaps a man hitting on her. Too $hort joins her in the club.

Kelis dances against a gray wall.

The poodle walks down the carpeted steps.

On the sequined floor, she picks some up and lets it fall between her fingers.

At the club, she shows off her rose tattoo on her back.

She lies on the rug.

Rating: 1/5

Kelis folded clothes in an upper class neighborhood to pay her bills. She greeted people as she organized a fixture and was ignored. She was visible to people only when they needed directions to the bathroom or wanted to know if the store had a different size. Managers goaded her to sell credit cards.

Between shifts, she worked on her music and sent her demo to any person who would listen. An agent heard it and signed her. She began to record in the studio after work. With each sneer and pointed remark at her job, she thought in her mind she would walk back into the store able to afford the clothes she sold.

Six years later,  she walks into a designer store in the upper class neighborhood and interrogates the sales people if they do not have the dress she wants. She had her poodle shipped over from England. It was a rare breed. According to trend, she had to color her poodle’s fur or face being snubbed. She avoids the dive bars and only dines at the exclusive eateries with a sectioned off area for the celebrity customers. She doesn’t ever want to be common or poor again.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2006

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