Video Review: Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie & Mike Posner "Remember I Told You"

In black-and-white, Nick Jonas leans against a wall. To the left and right of him are two other walls with the doors removed. Jonas beats his heart as he sings right into the camera. A few boxes are set up and he sits. He dances in the center of the room.

A group of women walk out from the left door and into the right door. A man plays guitar in the corner while Jonas dances. The women pose. Jonas sits in the middle as the group of women stand behind him. They all sit together in various spots in the room. The man plays guitar in different corners as Jonas continues to beat his heart again. Some of the women dance solo.

In the corner, a man with long hair offers his friend some food. People draw on the walls, marking it with sloppy lines and bold letters. A young woman spray paints the camera. The young woman then pulls a shopping cart with Jonas inside it. Jonas then spins the young woman around in the shopping cart.

Anne-Marie stands in the left corner, leaning against the wall. Anne-Marie watches her step on the cord sprawled across the room, leading to a television. A man brooms styrofoam balls while Jonas stands with his rake. Anne-Marie and Jonas fence with two floaties. Anne-Marie puts her hand over her mouth as Jonas’ floatie explodes. The man sweeps by Jonas, who is laying down in the stryofoam mess. Standing on the stryofoam, Jonas raises his hand in the air as the man sits between his legs.

Several large cardboard boxes stand in the room. One person dumps one over with thousands of little styrofoam balls landing on the floor. A woman rides an indoor bicycle. Jonas covers a woman’s eyes as she rides an amigo. In the front of the screen, Jonas taps his cheeks, thinking as the women hold pillows against their chests.

Jonas sings through a megaphone as some women play some instruments behind him. Couches have been added to the room. In a bathtub, he and a young woman kick styrofoam balls toward one another. Anne-Marie sits in a chair while Jonas stands behind her. Jonas sits in a chair while a pillow fight is in full swing in the behind him. Jonas sits in the chair, taking a break from singing while the band continues to play. Jonas rides the amigo. Jonas moves the chair.

Mike Posner sits in the chair, singing as people dance behind him. Jonas hangs in the corner, Anne-Marie takes off her jacket and laughs as Posner sings. Then, it’s her turn in the chair. The women lift Posner up and carry him. Jonas tapes the guitarist’s body as he plays.

In color, the band plays in the room. The guitarist plays in the room, bending his legs, limited by the tape. The women hug Posner. Lit in electric blue, Posner bangs his head to the music. Jonas climbs out of the bathtub. Anne-Marie jumps into the room and gets entangled in a palm tree. Lit in electric blue, balloons fall from the ceiling. Posner tips Anne-Marie over in the chair. Jonas tosses the cymbals and then stands on a drum. Anne-Marie pulls Posner from the chair and he slides onto the floor. Lit in electric blue, Jonas smiles and walks into the left door.

Rating: 3.5/5

A bevy of goofy activity occurs during the video — a pillow fight, Jonas relaxing on the floor or on a chair, avoiding work and shopping cart rides. The black-and-white, though, is strict and confining, waiting to punish the people for slacking off. The pillows and styrofoam balls blend into it. Unless there’s movement, it seems as though something is growing on the floor, puffing it up.

Color isn’t added until the last minute. Within the final minute, everyone can be themselves without the black-and-white holding them back. The neon light included is only in flashes and serves as a breath of fresh air after the severe black-and-white.

The narrow space, which is the only room used in the video, is widened by the constant activity and the cluster of people. People move back and forth, approaching the camera, which helps provide distance. Nonetheless, the black-and-white undermines it in every frame.

Director: Isaac Rentz Year: 2017

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