Video Review: Dua Lipa "Be The One (Version 2)"

A blood red fog hangs over a motel, located on the fringe of a major city. Inside the room, the lightbulb in the lamp blinks on the floor. Dua Lipa sits on a chair while her boyfriend (Ansel Elgort) sits on the edge of the bed, a palette of color tinted on the walls behind them.

The next morning, she leaves and walks down the street.

That night, her boyfriend began to shout into her face. She shoved him away from her. He slams some clothing on the ground.

Lipa glances over her shoulder and sees her boyfriend a few feet from her on the street. A shooting star lands in the forest. As the sun sets, Lipa begins to run. Her boyfriend pumps his arms close to his chest, aiming to catch up to her.

Lipa walks in the electric blue smoke and watches crystals from the sky form into a glowing ball which becomes a car, decorated by small lights. Her eyes open and neon shaded street comes back to her. She sits in the car. She can still see her boyfriend running after her. She touches the side of the car.

Her boyfriend runs on the street, lit in emerald green. She closes her eye. He walks to the car and watches as she levitates. Breathing hard and sweaty, he sees her multiply into several versions of herself, swaying in the sky.

Rating: 5/5

The sooty neon, ethereal and troubled, masks a secret. A secret Dua Lipa had been sworn to keep she was a little girl.  Her snarling boyfriend (Anson Elgort) demands to know who she is and wants confirmation of what he saw.

Guided by a shooting star, Lipa is able to escape her boyfriend in a car, decorated in angelic white light. It will protect her, using the light as a shield. She has visions of him running towards her in the street and plots her next move.

She floats in the sky, a spiritual being, no longer human. Stunned, her boyfriend can only watch.

Ansel Elgort, though, seems out of place. While running, he’s exhausted, pushing each breath out, biting his lip to keep going. The villanous anger and blank stares are a facade of a character Elgort doesn’t really understand. Elgort is still human, despite Lipa’s fear of him. His fascination with her indicates he received some answers, not as a disheartened spirit broken by his loss.

Director: Daniel Kaufman Year: 2017

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