Video Review: Sheena Easton "Modern Girl"

Wearing a yellow poncho, Sheena Easton walks down the street. She passes through the market.

On stage, lit in red, she turns to the right. Then, lit blue, she turns to the left. Then, in the center, she stares at the camera.

In the morning, her boyfriend hits the snooze button on the alarm. Downstairs, she’s pouring the coffee. He waves at her, wearing his bathrobe. She bites into a piece of toast while he kisses her on the cheek then sighs as he calls out “talk to you after work!” She holds the second piece of toast in her hand and watches him leave.  After the door slams shut, she stares off into the distance.

Easton performs on stage, wearing a blue jumpsuit, with multi-colored spotlights above her and four white triangles behind the platform.

While holding her umbrella, she hears the thunder and wonders if the rain is ever going to stop. She waits for her train on the platform, steps inside and takes a seat. She shakes her umbrella dry.

During the 30 minute ride, she reads a fashion magazine. She walks to her office building and gets on a lift. After setting down her purse on her desk, she rifles through the papers set in the middle of it. The phone rings and she answers.

The stage flips backwards.

She takes a walk downtown during her lunch break. Noticing a clearance rack, she moves the hangers, hoping to find a blouse she saw in her size. She puts a shirt across her chest and then checks to see if she can find shoes to match. Walking down the street with her bags, she stops at a storefront and fixes her hair. On the way back to the train station, she looks at the price of some flowers.

The phone rings as she heads to the couch. She answers it and it’s her boyfriend. She tells him, “not tonight” and turns on the television to her favorite show.

Easton continues to perform on stage.

Rating: 3/5

Sheena Easton is going to be single for a while. Her co-worker told her she had a guy friend who would be perfect for her. Her friend showed her a picture of him and she commented he was handsome. Her friend squealed and said she would give him her number.

She talked with the guy for a while and they went out. She liked him and although it wasn’t love, she felt as though it could be if she gave it time. He was staying over some nights and after a few months, she met his parents.

A year later, though, and he rushes out of her home in the morning to go to work. The little things are annoying her: leaving the towels on her floor after his shower, his constant instance of meat and potatoes for dinner, and ugh, his addiction to variety shows. Every time, she’s with him, she wishes she was alone.

He cancelled on her, explaining he had a client meeting and wouldn’t be able to make it. She took the afternoon and browsed around the stores, picking out some new clothes. She didn’t miss him at all. Not once.

He called again the next night to reschedule and she told him no. She hadn’t watched her favorite show in about a year and wanted to catch up. Being independent of him for a day, she realized she had settled and resented him for not being the man she needs. In between commercials, she thinks of how to break up with him.

Director: N/A Year: 1980

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