Video Review: Train "Drink Up"

Jim Breuer sits down on the couch and pours himself a glass of beer. He says to Pat Monahan that a good friend of theirs is getting married and he didn’t receive an invitation in the mail. Monahan said he didn’t get one, either. Breuer asks George Lopez who also says no and suggests they “crash it.” Ken Jeong claps his hands from behind the couch, saying he doesn’t know the person but is up for it. Breuer tells Lopez and Monahan that they are still going to attend the reception.

At the reception, a cell phone shows a picture of the groom, Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch on Instagram. People scroll through their phones at the table. Lynch’s cousin begins to fall asleep at the table and his mom slaps his arm, waking him up. Monahan, Lopez, Jeong and Breuer put on their tuxedos

The DJ scrolls through his phone. The singers yawn.

They walk up the stairs and Breuer trips. Jeong laughs at him. They arrive and grab some drinks. Lopez kisses the mom’s hand. Lynch is wondering how they got past security. Monahan turns on some lights and people begin to dance.

Breuer swipes a person’s phone and takes a picture with them. Lopez dumps chips over a person’s head. Jeong puts his hand on a woman’s butt and dances with her. Lynch, at the head table, points and says to his wife that they are ruining the party.  Jeong, Breuer, Lopez and Monahan toast. Lynch toasts with some relatives.

Breuer kisses a guy on the lips while Lynch cuts the cake with his wife. Monahan takes the first tier off and rubs it on someone’s head. Lynch tells them to leave. However, Lopez performs a trick and Jeong stands in his place. Everyone claps.  People pick Jeong up from his chair and hold him over their shoullders. Jeong cheers.

Lynch’s wife throws the bouquet and Jeong catches it. Lopez swipes dollars from his hand into the crowd on the dance floor.

Train performs at the reception.

Lopez dances with the mom. Lynch and his wife have their dance. Breuer and Jeong share a drunken slow dance together. Lynch pushes them off the dance floor. Monahan break dances.

Lynch’s best man stands up, preparing to make a toast but Breuer stops him, explaining Monahan was supposed to be the person. Lynch shows him a text he received from Monahan. Monahan says he got it confused with SnapChat. He accepts Monahan’s apology and they have a group hug.

As the reception winds down, Lynch says they are his best friends.

Rating: 2/5

The real-life friendships of Jim Breuer, Pat Monahan, Ken Jeong, George Lopez and Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch gets the sitcom treatment of the episode 2-4, “Marshawn’s Wedding.”

Previously on “Pat and Friends,”  Jeong and Lopez ran a modeling business to pay their bills while Monahan and Breuer worked on the perfect playlist, Lynch and Monahan had a falling out and Lynch had his bachelor party, thinking about who was supposed to be his best man.

Breuer and Monahan are a natural duo, drinking buddies who both love music. Outside of Monahan, Breuer along with Lopez and Jeong, are an extended version of their stand-up personas. Without any glimpses of who they really are, the real-life friendship seems to be picked out by a casting director.

It’s during the group hug that the years of history can be seen between them. Lynch is used to Jeong’s crazy amount of energy and familiar with Lopez’s touchy-feeliness. It’s Monahan and Breuer, though, who talked him through bad games and girlfriend problems.

Director: Scantron & No. 2 Pencil Year: 2017

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  1. I loved this video! I think your score is low! 🙂 I just saw Train last night, maybe I’m still on a high from the show.

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