Video Review: Thomas Rhett & Maren Morris "Craving You"

A green band movie trailer appears on the screen, stating it’s been approved for all audiences.

At about 10 pm in downtown Nashville, Thomas Rhett sits in a dank interrogation room. A mask bounces off the steps. Rhett flips his baseball bat. At a diner, a man asks “did you ever hear about the tale where the dog finally caught the rabbit?” Rhett speeds down the road at midnight and then walks towards a burning fire in an abandoned lot.

In a scarlet red lit hallway, Rhett drags a unconcious man. At the police station, Rhett explains that his father told him that mistakes help turn someone into a better person. He taps the conference table and adds, “I’m not sure he wasn’t talking about this.”

In an office, photographs and notes of the criminals are hung on wall, their connections made with a red marker, zig zagging in multiple directions.

At about 6 am, he kisses his pregnant wife. He leans against the shower, letting the water pour down on him.

At a bank, a young woman (Maren Morris) enters a bank and shoots her gun. People scramble to the floor. She asks if anyone knows where the safe is located.

While at the abandoned lot, he takes cardboard boxes of files and dumps them into the fire. The man eats his plate of chicken. Rhett ties the same man to a chair. Morris takes the money out of the safe. His wife wets a rag and dabs it on the bruise across his eye. In a warehouse, Rhett punches a guy into a column and then gets pushed by him.

Outside the bank, the woman removes her mask and handkerchief over her mouth. She walks down the steps and Rhett pulls up in the getaway car. Dressed as pizza man delivery man, Rhett carries a cardboard box. Rhett starts to punch but the Morris hits him with her gun.

They approach the man at the diner, who wipes his mouth when he sees them. Walking down the scarlet red lit warehouse, Morris presses on every door until she finds one unlocked. Rhett drags another man into it. Rhett presents the man with the fenced item.

Rhett speeds off once he notices the police in his rear view mirror. However, they block him as he is ready to turn from an alley. The police raid the warehouse, arresting several men, including Rhett.  After sipping his wine, the man says he wouldn’t open the box. Rhett tells Morris they need to talk a walk.

They tie him to a chair and Morris asks him. “So you don’t want to talk?” He responds no. Rhett gets slammed against the hood of the police car and asks if the “cuffs are really necessary.” He wrings his head after being freed and puts his badge around his neck. The man calls out, as he’s being arrested, “good job, pig.” He sees Morris, walking out in handcuffs, who gives him a sad smile. He drinks his coffee.

The police enter the warehouse and Rhett says to Morris that he didn’t think so many would show up. He punches a cop.

Rating: 5/5

At least once a week, Thomas Rhett checks in with his handler. As they sat on a park bench, his handler asked him if he knew of anything. Rhett told him Maren Morris was planning a bank heist. She was after a crystal in the vault. His handler nodded, stating a case was made for her.

Maren Morris does what she has to do. She was kicked out of the house when she was fifteen and was homeless for a while. Crime was the only way she got by. Morris had told Rhett about how her mother used to beat her and shame her for sleeping around. She fought back. The police, she told Rhett, were no help. They rolled their eyes and told her she needed to grow up.

Each morning in the shower, he prays for his family, hoping he won’t get shot. He prays to God, asking for forgiveness for the people at the bank and the money he helped to steal. He also prays for Morris, who didn’t have a chance. He reassures himself that he’s doing the right thing and on the side of law.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2017

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