Video Review: Toni Braxton "He Wasn't Man Enough"

An animated Toni Braxton unzips her tight jacket after flinging away lavender lasers. The villains, a brawny man, a green alien with glasses and an awkward guy stop to watch. The awkward guy’s eyes bulge. She gestures them to come over to her. Tongues wagging, they walk to her. She annihilates them with white hooped lasers.

The lasers lead to blinking flower light set up on a stage.

At the bar, Toni Braxton makes her way through the crowd and stops to talk some friends.

A section of the flower opens to a narrow crimson red lit hallway, where she dances in bleached splashed jeans and a sequined bikini tops.

Her ex-husband (Keri Lewis) and his new wife (Robin Givens) pass by Braxton. Her ex stares right at her while his new wife flashes her ring over her shoulder. His new wife smirks at Braxton’s discomfort.

His new wife touches his cheek at their table. The cartoon plays on the television.

Braxton dances, wearing a bleach splashed dress, against a red striped and white hallway. Next, she wears a white bandeau top and white pants in a narrow white hallway.

Her ex-husband drinks his amaretto sour and stares at Braxton as she dances with another man. The new wife’s face falls as she watches Braxton laugh.

Braxton and her friends walk inside the electric blue lit bathroom. Braxton fixes her hair the mirror. Her friend sees the new wife walk in and steps towards her. However, her boyfriend holds onto her fur jacket and holds her jacket.

In the bathroom mirror, the new wife glares at Braxton and then towards to her. Braxton tells her to knock the smug look off her face. The new wife looks down, confirming what she already knows. Arms against the counter, the new wife circles the ring around her finger.

Braxton, in a silver shredded dress, and a group of dancers perform a routine underneath the flower on the wall.

Braxton approaches her ex-husband at the bar and gestures for him to follow her. He meets her into a private room, where Braxton is waiting, sitting on a couch. She tells him to take off his pants. The new wife asks the bartender to change the channel to the private room. She watches her new husband unzip his pants for his ex-wife on the screen. Braxton points to the camera. His new wife stands at the door and then throws her ring at him. She and Braxton high-five one another.

Rating: 3/5

Signing the divorce papers was one of the worst days of Toni Braxton’s life. She cried for weeks afterwards, still believing she was the one to blame. It took her about a year and a half before she could go out to the bars again and flirt with other men.

When her ex-husband walks in, the inadequacy returns and her friends tell her it’s okay. His new wife taunts her with her ring and then shows off with him. Braxton knows the truth, though, as she sees him out of the corner of her eye, staring. Her ex has likely cheated on his new wife multiple times.

In the bathroom, the new wife confronts her, telling her she needs to step off. Braxton explains what happened between them. Realizing she has been lied to by her husband, the new wife looks down.

While watching the screen, the new wife had some hope that maybe he wouldn’t try to sleep with his ex-wife. But as she saw him unzip her pants, she knew that it was Braxton he still loved and not her. The new wife tells him she wants a divorce.

Braxton apologizes to his new wife afterwards and she says it’s all right. She suspected something was going on with other women and that he never got over her. The new wife says she found a picture of her in his wallet and hated her for still having the her husband’s heart. Braxton tells her he always believed he could do better. Nothing satisfies him. She offers the new wife to call her at anytime.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 2000


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