Video Review: Kendrick Lamar "ELEMENT"

In the ocean, a drowning Kendrick Lamar raises his hand above the waves.

A fight between several African-American men occurs. A crowd of men film it with their phones.

Photojournalist Gordon Parks’ Segregation Story is recreated, with a little girl holding onto a fence as an African-American boy prepares to shoot his gun.

A bloodied man gathers his strength and sits up on the ground.

An African-American family watches their home burn.

Lamar raps against a clear, blue sky, with a blood-stained t-shirt.

Crystalized rain pours on an African-American boy.  Smoke swells by the little boy as he breathes.

In silhouette, Lamar raps in a slate painted warehouse.

Gordon Parks’ Boy With Junebug is recreated with a little girl. Lying on the grass, the little girl pulls a bug on a string. The bug lies by her eyebrow.

Two African-American men are handcuffed together.

Parks’ Black Muslims is recreated. A man pops a wheelie on his bicycle as he rides through the neighborhood.

A group of African-American ride in a pick-up truck and race out of it once parked. They stand together, protesting.

Lamar punches a young man. A father teaches his son to fight. Lamar leans against a blue building.

Four Caucasian men stand in a jail.

A group of African-American men, employees of the hotel, punch in unison as part of their training. In bed, a couple touches one another. The young woman looks to the camera.

Three Caucasian police men talk while on their beat. An African-American hits another man in the street. Two African-American men play pool. One man raises his stick to the other.

A little looks through a cracked window, penetrated by a bullet, while driving with his parents to the store.  A little boy watches as a man flies over an apartment building.

The group of men run towards a building.

Rating: 5/5

The recreation of the Gordon Parks’ photos, taken in the 1960s, have continued relevance as African-American men fight to exist and be seen as human.

By default, they are considered violent by the Caucasian police officers who commute from suburbs every day. They see the officers talking on their beat, ignoring the people they have sworn to serve and protect.

It’s a community gasping to be heard. They are eyed as they drive by a building and then stop to protest. They film a fight within their own community, wanting to provide proof  and for the men to be arrested. However,  it goes viral on the local new stations and social media. Comments emphasize the men filming it and why they didn’t do something.

The children living in the neighborhoods absorb it all. Lamar extends the photos, showing the little boy pretending to shoot a guy as it drives by his home. The little girl doesn’t flinch, expecting it from him.

The Caucasian men in the jail touches upon on another topic that violence can’t be attributed to a single race. The men in jail killed their girlfriends, gunned down bystanders and raped someone’s mother. By society’s standards, it’s a mental illness and not representative of the Caucausian community.

Directors: Jonas Lindstroem & little homies Year: 2017

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