Video Review: Lukas Graham "Drunk In The Morning"

On the boardwalk of Venice Beach, California, Kasper plays the piano.  Lukas sits on a crate, a red cup in his hand, giving the people high-fives next to him. A young man carries a couch over the balcony of an apartment. Several people reach with their free hands to help him. Some people dance to the music playing.

Lukas sits on the couch, which has wheels attached to it and Magnus rides the bike. A series of people follow him as they ride down the boardwalk. Two men clink their plastic cups as they bike past one another. A twentysomething blonde woman sits in the cart, swaying her arms back and forth. A man rides a bike made with stereo speakers.

A woman in distressed short roller skates on the boardwalk. The man on the rolling cart spreads his arms out. Lukas stretches on the couch, his sunglasses on his nose. An airplane flies their banner for their album near the beach. People fill their cups at the keg. A twentysomething man points to Lukas as he rides along. Lukas holds a hat, full of one dollar bills and receives a tip from a passerby.

Lukas climbs onto another guy’s cart and stands up, his arms raised. A woman blows bubbles. Two twentysomething guys perform a trick on their skateboards. A woman in yellow halter top sits next to Lukas. He puts his arm around her.

Lukas, in a white tank top, rides a bicycle with a woman sitting in the cart. In the cart, a second woman kisses Lukas on the cheek and rests her head on his shoulder. A third woman stands up on a table, holding a stuffed teddy bear.

Lukas climbs over Kasper while he rides the bike and lands onto the cart.

As the sun sets, Lukas sings, a crowd of people behind. Lukas whispers a joke in a man’s ear. A man riding a bike waves to the person at the henna tattoo stand. People make the sign of the horns. A man dressed as a devil dances. A woman slides into the cart. An older man with a beard gives the peace sign.

People begin to take off their shorts and tops, running into the ocean.

Rating: 3.5/5

On a breezy, sunny day, Venice Beach is the place to be. A person can ride in a cart or bicycle on the boardwalk. While taking a break from bicycling, a person can get a henna tattoo on their body or listen to street performers.

With the blistering sun burning their bodies, they could’ve stopped at the bowling alley to play a game or watched a live performer. There is so much to do there but no one ventures past the boardwalk. They skim past the restaurants, art galleries and ignore the special events going on in the area.

It’s an overview of the famous beach. People stand around and drink, not wanting to explore or exhibiting any interest beyond their cups, taking the view for granted.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2017

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