Video Review: Rita Ora "Your Song"

At a board meeting, a man taps the table. Another man prepares to type on his laptop in front of him. Rita Ora sits at the head of the table. While she talks, they exchange sarcastic glances with one another.

She turns her back on them and faces the window, crossing her arms. Taking the rubber hand out of her bun,, she swings her hair around and the men raise their eyebrows. She lies down on the table and then walks backwards, closing a man’s laptop with her foot.

In the hallway, with the computers facing the windows, she hangs over the railing. Continuing to walk backwards, she bumps into two executives going into the meeting. She touches a man’s cheeks as they lean against the railing.

She drives her car in reverse and lies against the windshield. Sitting in the car, she watches as her boyfriend walks between the train tracks. He puts his hand by his forehead as she walks away.

In the early morning light, they hold hands by the edge of the Hammersmith Bridge. He tucks her hair behind her shoulder and kisses her. The waves crash to the shore.

Rating: 3.5/5

As Chief Executive Officer of the company, Rita Ora deals is second-guessed, her every decision scrutinized until it’s no longer hers. When she speaks, the men whisper to one another. She is expected to be intelligent but not intimidating to them. She has to hide her sexuality in pantsuits and use it to her advantage to gain the upper hand.

Her boyfriend believes he isn’t good enough for her, ashamed of his job and where he lives. He kisses her goodbye in the morning. Upset, she stays in her car, watching him walk away from her. Once on the road, she almost gets into several accidents, not caring if she damages her car.

The cold, glass windows of the office seem suffocating as she walks towards the conference room. She hits on one of the executives and then hangs on the railing, trying to pull herself together. However, she goes inside and keeps her expression emotionless. The men can’t sense her pain.

Director: Michael Haussman Year: 2017

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