Video Review: Vertical Horizon "Everything You Want"

In a split screen, two taxi cabs blend into one another and stop. Matt gives the cab driver the money, noticing the inspirational message on the window: “wherever you go there you are.”  Matt reads the card “everyone rides” and steps in some gum left on the bottom of the floor.

The band members walk down the street.

A man with several piercings and wearing a red faux fur coat sits next to his bicycle. Matt walks down the street and “why” is written on the brick of the building.

On a white stage, lit with aqua blue and sea green, the band performs.

A man stands on the corner, holding balloons to sell. The man with several piercings rides his bicycle on the sidewalk.  The band members move out the way as the man rides through them. The screen splits into as Matt scurries to lean against the building as the man rides by. Matt flips his card over and it reads “…in style.”

In the split screen, Matt walks, wearing different outfits. To the right, he pets the dog at the fire hydrant. To the left, he passes by. The dog sniffs the hydrant which has a sign plastered on it, reading “every dog has its day.”

To the left, Matt leans against a tree while on the right, he runs his hand along the store’s barricade.

At a diner, a young woman turns her cheek away when her boyfriend leans in to kiss her. Their images blur and a message reads: “every six seconds you think about sex.” Another couple argues in the same booth, the message above them: “there are two sides to every story.”

As the band plays on the white stage, the phrase “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Then, “everytime, everywhere, everyone, everything” flashes on the screen. The screen turns burgundy.

Matt sits on a burgundy painted bench, reading “everything you want.” A young woman sits on the opposite end, filing her nails.

In the split screen, Matt looks inside the peephole on the left while he continues to walk on the right. Underneath the peephole, the message reads: “everyone is watching.” A young woman stands outside a psychic’s store. In the clouds, “ever wonder why?” is written.

Three girlfriends dance in the booth. The image blurs and above them, “every second counts” is written. An older woman tries to wake up her sleeping husband in the booth. “Every story has an end” is the message above them.

The band walks into the diner and sits in the booth. They receive menus, which read “everything all the time.” Matt sits in the booth by himself. “Everything you want is not everything you need.” He slides out of the booth and leaves.

Rating: 2/5

The motivational quotes start as ironic commentary with “wherever you go there you are.” In the cab, both the driver and Matt seem to be dreaming of being somewhere else, doing anything else. The cab driver hands him the cheeky “everyone rides in style” card.

The messages then become sincere once they appear in the diner, narrating the couples’ problems. A young man wants sex, two couples fight over while an older man is dying. They take on a meme-like quality as they blur and people move in slow motion, most evident during “every seconds count.”

By the end, though, they have become inscrutable and pretentious, stating “everything all the time.” Matt has lost his purpose. However, in the differing realities, only minor details changed. There is no major change to the outcome. Everything stays the same. It aims for the hard truth. But without any conflict, it’s simply words

Director: Clark Eddy Year: 1999


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