Video Review: Samantha Fox "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now"

In Marbella, Spain, Samantha Fox sips her drink while laying out by the pool.

She rides a motorboat on the ocean.

On the sand, a man rides a horse while holding the reigns of another.

Fox, in a bathrobe, sits on a white couch in her spacious beachfront hotel room and looks out the screen door, which provides a view of the ocean.

She leaves the hotel and puts her luggage in the backseat of her Alfa Romeo Spider and drives through the mountain area.

She hits some buttons as she helps to co-pilot a plane and winks at the cameraman filming her.

She rides a bicycle through the city and dances with an older man. Noticing a cute baby, she walks towards it and points to the camera, saying in a sing-songy voice that it’s on camera.

On the tarmac, she waves once she gets off the plane. She buys a single rose from a street vendor.

At the marina, she spots her boat, named “Samantha II” and kicks up her heel. She sniffs her rose and then tosses it in the air.

While the boat is in cruise control, she sits on the side of it and lays out in the sun.

In high heels and a black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit, she walks to the pool and lies down on a green blanket.

On the shore, she rides a horse. Removing her cover-up, she dives into the pool and sings under water with the microphone. At a restraurant, she stops to tap a man on the nose.

At night, she is driven to a yacht, where photographers take her picture. A young man greets her and she smiles at the camera. The yacht, with bright orange lights, sails on the

Rating: 2/5

Fame has given Samantha Fox access to a life most dream only watch on television. With the tour over and a month of relaxation at home, she decided to travel to Spain for two weeks.

On the first floor of the luxurious hotel, she lived in a penthouse room, decorated in all white. Waking up at 10 am, she took a shower and then wandered around barefoot, waiting for room service. Then, at noon, she changed into her swimsuit and sunbathed at the pool. The maid would duck in once she left to clean up and get notice from Fox’s manager that they planned to return.

She rented out a motorboat and drove in her convertible through the mountainous area of the city. In the second week, after lounging, she helped co-pilot a plane. The press had heard and on the tarmac, she greeted her fans, who cheered for her.

In the city, she people recongnize her. An older man asks for a dance. A cameraman tags along for footage to be used for a special. In the crowd, she finds a mother holding a baby and coos at it, pointing at the camera.

During the final few days, she gets invitied to a yacht for a party. There, she will mingle with socialites and executives, who tell her she’s their favorite singer and ask for her autograph. Charmed and inside a bubble, she expects to be the center of attention wherever she goes and that people automatically know who she is.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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