Video Review: Collective Soul "Shine"

In black-and-white, two young men stare at a crumbling building located near the forest.

Underneath Parisian blue light, Ed sings into the microphone.

A young man passes a factory, smoke flowing through the air. A fourth young man watches a group of his classmates walk in the field. They walk together underneath teal light.

Back in black-and-white, the group of young man take a break from walking. Some sit on the log while two others stand. A young man, wearing a hat, turns to see a classmate waiting in pathway. A young man from the group picks up a speaker buried in the ground.

The group grows larger, including some female classmates. A young man wears a thick beaded chain around his neck, which one of his friends pull towards him. Someone carries a tire as they walk on the train tracks.

A young woman closes her eyes and looks down.

In teal light, the group trudges through the forest. Back in black-and-white, two young men fight over a tire. Another young man moves a limb out of the way. The young man, wearing a hat, smacks his lips together. A couple roll on the ground, the young man kissing his girlfriend’s neck.

Someone throws a rope to the young man, wearing a hat, who was staring at a hole in the ground. They sit on the fence they gathered and wait. Collective Soul then appear, playing, first in black-and-white.

Lit in violet, the group of friends listens to the band play.

Rating: 1/5

A group of outsiders search through a forest, preparing for a secret concert. The young man, wearing the thick, beaded necklace, glares. Another young man pulls on his chain, looking for friendship. He continues to glare.

Another young man, wearing a hat, plays for the varsity basketball team, hopes to find a friend in the group. After seeing his friends tease a classmate for an entire class period until he cried, he decided it’s not who he wants to be. Leaving his friends would mean losing everything.

The group found each other after realizing they all liked the same band. However, they simply collect the pieces they need and prefer to stay silent. No one really wants to talk or connect, other than one couple. The group is consumed with their own problems to truly bond with one another.

The appearance of Collective Soul gets them to relax and smile. For about four minutes, they are a united as a group, sharing the experience of being comforted by the song.

Director: N/A Year: 1994


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