Video Review: Kelsea Ballerini "Legends"

The red from the blinking sirens of the police cars light up the blocked street. A police officer walks away from the flipped over car in the road. The coroner walks towards the ambulance.

At a backyard wedding, a young man unfolds a piece of notebook paper and begins to read his vows. The young woman, with flowers in her hair, beams. He laughs at she talks about his love of The Simpsons and promises to tolerate it.

Kelsea Ballerini, in a lavender dress, walks on the mountain top.

They first met at a Fourth of July party at a friend’s house. The men and women were separated and stood across from one another, holding sparklers. He smiled at her, waving at her with one finger.

During a road trip, he put his hand over her hers on the arm rest.

He turns over the hot dogs at the Fourth of July celebration at their home. She runs over to him, hugging from behind. Distracting his in-laws with a joke, he looks over to his wife and waves at her with one finger. She sticks her tongue out at him.

As the soap fills the windshield, she sneaks in a kiss.

At the barbecue, he slaps her on the butt and she punches him in the arm. After eating, the family lights sparklers. He films her as she finds a firefly and shows it off to the camera. They cuddle during the fireworks.

Stopping for gas, he parks on the wrong side. She asks him what he did when she sees him nearly trip holding the pump.

He films her watching television. She puts her hand in front of the camera.

In bed, he tucks a strand of hair away from her face. Hearing the smoke alarm, she runs into the kitchen and opens the oven. She throws the mitt on the stove. They clink their plastic cups together while sitting on the porch, eating hamburgers from a fast food place.

She sits on the steps of the porch, her head by her arms. He sits next to her and waves at her with one finger. She puts her hand on his arm.

With a camera, she films him as he opens a package. He reads the pregnancy test and says “we’re pregnant?” She shouts “yeah!” and he grins.

Tapping his foot, he sits on a plastic chair in the hospital, waiting for the news. The doctor hugs him, congratulating him on his son. He brings balloons to her once he is able to visit her.

He sings his son while he cradles him in his arms. She watches her husband, grateful to have him in her life. He holds onto his son’s hands and teaches him how to walk on the rug.

As Jesus, their now five-year-old performs in front of the Christmas tree for his family. He wipes a tear from his eye. She’s impressed. They both give him the one finger wave.

The family sings “happy birthday” to the now seven-year-old boy as she puts the cake on the kitchen table. After cake and presents, he plays card with his son. She asks her husband if he could get them some ice. He says “ok” and tells his son he’ll be right back.

On the way to the grocery store, he is involved in a fatal accident which takes his life.

Ten years later, she claps in the auditorium as her son’s name is called during graduation. Her son shakes the principal’s hand and waves at his mom with one finger. She gets choked up as memories flash of her husband. He and his classmates throw the caps in the air.

Ballerini looks over her shoulder, smiling.

Rating: 5/5

Her husband would be so proud of his son. For several years after he passed away, his son cried on his birthday, believing it was his fault that his father died. She held him in his arms, reassuring him that Daddy had to run an errand. However, the guilt gnawed at her. She would find herself crying before her son came home from school and breaks at work, thinking that if she had waited for the ice, none of would’ve happened. He would still be with his family, where he belonged.

She worked two jobs and asked her parents for help. Thank goodness for her parents. They took care of him on days she couldn’t function. They made sure he did his homework and stayed out of trouble.

Her husband would be jumping up and down, shouting that his son hit the home run that won the State championship game. It was one of his son’s many achievements: All-American in baseball, valedictorian and recipient of a scholarship, which would pay his way through school. He worked part-time to help her out, offering his paycheck if it meant she had to take a day off to attend one of his baseball games.

She and her husband often talked about their son’s graduation day. He had said he wanted his son to have opportunities they didn’t and experience the world. Hearing her son speak about living every moment while you can, she wishes her husband were beside her, experiencing the milestone with her.

Director: Jeff Venable Year: 2017


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